Masters Program in #Chaplaincy Ministry

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Masters program in Chaplaincy Ministry launched in United Theological Faculty at VEBI

United Theological Faculty at Evangelical Institute opened the doors for a new learning-master in kapelansko Ministry. Among the first students in this program are and Angel Petkov and Dimitar Chakarov. Kapelanstvoto is still unknown for the Bulgarian Ministry and perhaps that’s the new thing is the main factor to not be accepted. The first students will have the responsibility to be the face of the new Ministry, and they give the start of its implementation in the country.

Realization of the program was made possible by the efforts of the Chairman of the Bulgarian Association kapelanska Mladen Daigre and Dr. teol. Donij Donev. The program consists of three modules: kapelanstvo, psychology and theology. After two days will complete training in the kapelanstvo module, which contains the following disciplines: Theology of the military profession; Ethics of chaplain; He and the command staff; Post-traumatic stress, accidents and suicides; Preaching and worship; Pastoral care; Church leadership and kapelanstvo.

Teachers are people of very high rank, ex-United States Army chaplains and spiritually dedicated people: Regiment. Richard young, gene. Clay Buckingham, regiment. Jim Ellis. With much love and patience they have sent the students their knowledge and experience in the field, which soon won’t be so foreign and unknown to Bulgarian.

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