Luke 23.33-43 Do you not even fear God?

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Edward Hobby |


Luke 23.33-43

Do you not even fear God.

The fifteenth hour of Passover, the third hour of the day, 9 am, and Jesus is nailed to the cross. A criminal is hung there on each side of him.

The Romans always made a spectacle of punishment. This was to deter others from doing the same. They post the crimes for all to see. On the cross of Jesus, “King of the Jews” was posted.

The religious leaders that followed mocked him, “You saved others, save yourself.” The soldiers mocked him with sour wine and said, “If you are the King, save yourself.” Even one on the cross mocked saying, “Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and save me.”

But the other said, “I am guilty, You are innocent. Remember me.”

Jesus, full of compassion, even with the pain of the cross screaming through his body said two words of mercy.

“Father, forgive them, they know not what they do. Today, you shall be with me in Paradise.”

The world today still mocks Jesus. Religious leaders, Civil leaders insult Jesus with their cute prayers asking for God’s benefits but won’t follow His commands. Even those on their death bed are refusing to turn to the One who can set them free.

Will we be like the other thief? Will we admit our sin? Will we with our dying breath tell others about Jesus?

Grace and Peace.

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