Luke 22.7-23 Then came the first day. The feast!

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Edward Hobby |

Luke 22.7-23

Then came the first day.

The feast of the Unleavened Bread is a week long feast. No leaven could be eaten at any time during this week. The Israelites had been under bondage to the Egyptians and now was the time for them to be set free.

They shed the blood of the lamb, applied it to the door posts and to the lintel (top). The angel of mercy would see the blood and make the angel of death pass over that house so that all would be safe in that home to include the livestock.

It was the firstborn of each living thing, man and animal that had to be sacrificed to set them free from bondage.

It was a time for the Jews to remember that they became a nation of their own and would no longer be under the captivity of another. All they had to do was serve God and love Him with all their hearts.

When the Firstborn Lamb was slain for us and the blood was placed on the door of our hearts. The angel of mercy protects us from the angel of death. No longer are we under the bondage of sin. We are set free from the captivity of another.

Now all we have to do is love our God and serve Him. In serving Him, we will serve others. In loving Him, we will love others.

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of who we were, what He has done and where we are going.

But, should we go back to sin. Should we turn back to our old ways, we will, like the nation of Israel, put ourselves back into captivity, bondage and burden of sin. God forbid that we do this. We are still the children of God, bought by the blood of Jesus. We have just chosen to turn away from our Lord and Savior. Choose this day whom you will serve.

Grace and Peace.

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