Judge in Oregon fines Christian bakery

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An administrative judge in Oregon has recommended that a Christian couple pay $135,000 in damages to two lesbians for declining to make a cake for their same-sex “wedding” due to their religious convictions.


  • Reply April 14, 2016

    Paul Bailey

    That is sad

  • Reply April 14, 2016

    Ed Brewer

    This post is a year old next week, and the fine has been paid into escrow pending outcome of the appeals process. The only reason they paid into escrow was the $35 per day in interest that was accruing until they did so, but they have not capitulated legally. The two women who brought the complaint won’t get the money until the appeal process runs its course, but the family has closed the business in the aftermath of all the furor. Thankfully there has been a flood of support for this family, and they do have the resources (for the time being) to continue to fight, which is what they have said they will do as long as they can. Praying for right to win in the end.

    • Reply April 14, 2016

      Mike Stidham

      Thanks for your comment, Ed. I saw the name Klein in the pic and said, “Again?”

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