Jezebel was a political person. She was a leader

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Peter A Vandever |


Jezebel was a political person. She was a leader. It is not possible for anyone to get the “spirit of Jezebel” unless they are in the areas of politics or a political leader in the church. John Paul Jackson was a great man but he was wrong on this and the teaching on Jezebel is wrong.

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:15 PM]
wait – Jezebel was a religious person with the proper IQ and Mayers-Briggs personality that was ALLOWED to exerciser her religiousity within the political realm of the country thus affecting the COVENANT of the land

Peter A Vandever [09/24/2015 11:16 PM]
There was no personality test in the Old Testament.

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:17 PM]
there has always been a personality test since GOD Himself exists in 3 persons; but that is NOT the point of what I said

Link Hudson [09/24/2015 11:17 PM]
What is the ‘spirit of Jezebel’? Is it an old Canaanite woman’s ghost?

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:20 PM]
the Spirit of Jezebel as defined by the OT is a religious divination that uses personal relationships with political powers to unlawfully take God given covenant land property from its proper covenant owner and give it to the political leader as a gift/bribe through as a cornerstone of relationship on which an ongoing manipulation of the political state is built. In the OT story it was religious related as it destroyed the #COVENANT Does this about sums it up? Alan N Carla Smith Peter A Vandever

Link Hudson [09/24/2015 11:22 PM]
John Kissinger The Bible never defines or even mentions a ‘spirit of Jezebel.’ The Old Testament never mentions it. The book of Revelation never mentions it.

Link Hudson [09/24/2015 11:22 PM]
Jezebel is what you call a woman who paints her fingernails.

Jezebel is what you call a woman in church you don’t like.

Help me add to my list.

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:23 PM]
you are left with carnal thinking of a carnal Jezebel then?

Peter A Vandever [09/24/2015 11:24 PM]
If you want to hurt someone at church or condemn them and feel religious about it…. just say “God showed me that you have a Jebezel spirit.”

Link Hudson [09/24/2015 11:24 PM]
John Kissinger by ‘spirit of Jezebel’ do you mean an actual demon or principality?

one of my concerns with the use of ‘spirit of’ is some Charismatics think you are talking about a person having a demon, and the others don’t.

It’s also a ‘jump on the band wagon’ thing. The Bible doesn’t talk about the spirit of Jezebel, but people, who don’t get any kind of discernment or revelation about it, just repeat the phrase.

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:25 PM]
Link Hudson Full definition given above. Just read it!

Link Hudson [09/24/2015 11:25 PM]
Peter A Vandever, and without accusing the person of somethign specific, of a psecific sin that can be proved or argued against, other people decide to stay away from that person, to keep form getting contaminated by this spirit.

Link Hudson [09/24/2015 11:26 PM]
John Kissinger Do you think a ‘diviniation’ is a demon? what does it mean to define a spirit as a ‘divination.’ Is reading tea leaves a spirit?

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:27 PM]
Not sure about your tea party 🙂 HOWEVER that spirits affect nations via their political leaders just like Jezebel did is a well known fact

Link Hudson [09/24/2015 11:28 PM]
John Kissinger After reading your description, I can’t tell if you think a spirit of Jezebel is an actual intelligent entity or not. That’s what I’m getting at.

I think there is a lot of copy-cat stuff going on by people who don’t have any kind of word of knowledge, discernment of spirits, etc. when it comes to things like teh spirit of Jezebel. Why isn’t there any evidence of any believers knowing about it before the 1980’s or so?

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:30 PM]
That’s great! Peter A so when Jesus spoke to the church about Jezebel He just wanted to hurt that poor old lady they had there?

Peter A Vandever [09/24/2015 11:31 PM]
9 out of 10 people that have “Jezebel Spirits” and “witchcraft” spirits dont.

Link Hudson [09/24/2015 11:32 PM]
John Kissinger We are talking about the ‘spirit of Jezebel.’ Jesus did not mention that. This woman was leading the people of God to fornicate and to eat meat offerred to idols, the stuff the original Jezebel did.

We don’t know that she was political either Peter A Vandever.

But I wonder why people load down the topic with esoteric Charismatic ‘verbage’, if they aren’t getting some kind of revelation by calling it a sPIRIT of Jezebel.

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:35 PM]
Peter you should know from missions that one thing spirit of Jezebel camouflages by accusing others of being Jezabel(s)

Peter A Vandever [09/24/2015 11:36 PM]
I believe most “Jezebels” are only hurt people that need compassion.

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:36 PM]

David John Maxfield [09/25/2015 7:03 AM]
Jezebel had the whole country under her spirit believing that Baal was God when he was nothing more than a false god. Until God showed up at the offering of Elijah, they were all under that false spirit of jezebel before then.

David John Maxfield [09/25/2015 7:04 AM]
Link Hudson how did you tag him? LOL I can never do it.

Link Hudson [09/25/2015 7:06 AM]
David John Maxfield Tag who? The brother with the Bulgarian name that I have no idea how to pronounce? Cut and paste.

David John Maxfield [09/25/2015 7:06 AM]
Ahhhhh that’s great Link Hudson I really should have thought of that haha

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