Jezebel wants to Silence Your Prophetic Voice in the Last Days

Jezebel wants to Silence Your Prophetic Voice in the Last Days

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Natural circumstances such as yelling too much at a sports game can put a strain on our vocal cords. Physical sickness such as a cold with a nagging cough can irritate our throat and make it difficult for us to talk. Physical infirmities that cause chronic coughing can wear on our vocal cords, and of course, we can lose our voice when we are attacked with a case of laryngitis. There are natural happenings that can impact our voice, however spiritually there are demonic attacks which can also come against our voice.

Jezebel is a master manipulator and operates closely with a spirit of witchcraft. Jezebel comes to silence the voice of the prophetic. She is used to being in control, has a spirit of pride and wants all the attention on her and the message she wants to be released. How can Jezebel silence you? Praying and talking against you, the anointing on your life and the words you have to speak out, release curses into the spiritual atmosphere.

There is power in the words we speak, which applies to both Christians and the evil powers of witchcraft—operating against Christians through false prophets, Satanists, witches and warlocks.

Have you ever been ready to give a sermon or witness to a person and all of a sudden you are straining to get out the words and feel as if you are losing your voice? We can strain our vocal cords in worship and in times of intense prayer. What about the times we just came out of prayer and worship and we were fine, and then we go to speak and give the message and all of a sudden we are straining to speak? These are attacks of the Jezebel spirit and witchcraft activities against the body of Christ.

Attacks against the prophetic words you have to speak come from two sources:

Jezebel spirits – These are people in our churches, friends, leaders and controlling people who don’t want what you say to go forth because they want control, to be hear, or think what they have to say is more important. People in this category want to control which parts of the gospel to send forth and which parts they’d rather not talk about. These people talk, gossip and slander, and those words go up and out into the spiritual atmosphere and create demonic assignments and curses we must combat through prayer. I have experienced this several times when preaching. Be careful; sheep come in wolves’ clothing (Matt. 7:15). Now that my team proactively prays against these in advance, I don’t lose my voice anymore.

Witchcraft spirits – These are people operating through demonic spirits to send forth assignments to hinder your ministry, preaching, prayer life and teaching. These people gather to pray against you in witchcraft covens and circles. They sit in your meetings and pretend to receive the Word, but they are there to pray against you and try to stop God’s voice from speaking through you. I experienced this recently while ministering in Trinidad. I was getting ready to preach, and all of a sudden my voice went out, and I hadn’t even started. There was a witch in the meeting whom they caught on video as she was actively practicing witchcraft. I got up and took authority over the witchcraft, bound and restricted the activity, and commanded my vocal cords to function properly and continued with the meeting.

Whether people are Christians praying soulish prayers against you through jealousy, competition and pride or an actual witchcraft spirit through the demonic realm, both types of these activities come forth in conjunction with a python spirit. A python spirit in the spiritual is in correlation with a python snake in the physical. Python snakes kill its prey by constricting. Constricting is putting pressure on something to make it tighter and narrow. We lose our voice because our vocal cords get inflamed or swollen. Having our vocal cords inflamed or swollen makes a narrow passage between them, and then our vocal cords don’t vibrate as easy, which inhibits us from talking and speaking fluently.

You can feel witchcraft in a region by spiritual darkness or heaviness in the atmosphere. Witchcraft can also be identified in a region by a squeezing or tightening in your throat. As you travel through the region, bind and restrict the witchcraft and python spirits from attacking or attaching to you.

We are victorious over Jezebel and witchcraft activities, but we need to know how these evil spirits operate so we can be effectively praying against them and the attacks they plague Christians with, attempting to silence the voice of the prophetic whether in meetings, prayer, worship or evangelism. The demonic forces don’t want the prophetic voice to go forth because we have something to impart, establish and speak out. Therefore, pray in advance, be educated how the powers of darkness operate, combat the attacks and speak out anyway. You have something important to release to the world.


  • Duane L Burgess
    Reply July 19, 2020

    Duane L Burgess

    The only “prophetic voice” today is the Word of God.

    Don’t be like the fleshly Corinthians, boasting of having a showy spiritual gift. You don’t.

  • Reply July 20, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    its TRUE

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