It is 2020 This group is 6 years old

It is 2020 This group is 6 years old

“How you doin’ in the Spirit” A Pentecostal Group Update

The Pentecostal Theology facebook group and its website www. have been online exactly 5 years now. In this period, 5,000+ members joined in over 4,400 discussions and conversations online (many more scheduled to release 3 times a day and over 4,000 drafts in the works). Several topics on user privacy (or secrecy) and the very Pentecostal state “in the Spirit” with many other active readers, have brought about this first order of business as early as 2019.


It is 2020
This group is 6 years old

From a purely technological standpoint, however, there are several immediately necessary measures, which are due. The free registration via social login and auto translation of the article database were both envisioned in the platform from its genesis. Their immediate implementation will open this invaluable web resource to the global community of Pentecostal scholars worldwide. With this move, the SEO optimization not only of generated content, but also social media archives (by rule disregarded by most search engines as per their privacy regulations) will open a massive amount of organic back linking, which will reaffirm the importance of the website as a global community building tool.

Furthermore, the current web platform offers several valuable opportunities for marketing the product, which began as a printed publication. The way it was designed and structured, the whole database is completely printable both as a periodical and volume/series format. Using this current technology makes printing once again an inexpensive and invaluable option, as potential revenue is not only sufficient to cover the cost of printing, but also to invest in further development of the web platform itself.

Finally, the building of a Pentecostal community on the internet with the resources of higher academia is perhaps the single and most important attempt to merge Pentecostal theology and praxis within the last couple of decades. Thus, recovering not only the grass roots of Pentecostal scholarship, but remerging the purity of doctrine with the ministry of the church.

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