Is Charisma magazine running out of stories discussing Td. Jakes pants?

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Is Charisma magazine running out of stories? Discussing Td. Jakes age inappropriate jeans?

What’s next? Appropriate preaching undergarments?
(though Leviticus did talk about that extensively)

Hanny Setiawan [01/04/2016 1:33 PM]
I have that kinda jean too 🙂

John Kissinger [01/04/2016 2:09 PM]
@Hanny Setiawan I knew you were anointed in some way 🙂

Linda Rice [01/04/2016 8:44 PM]
Oh no

Faye Cox [01/04/2016 10:38 PM]
I think they look good on him.

Karen Lucas [01/05/2016 8:10 AM]

John Kissinger [01/05/2016 9:55 AM]
Anthony Gool what does this have to do with charismatic news?

Anthony Gool [01/05/2016 10:13 AM]
Nothing why you ask

John Kissinger [01/05/2016 6:42 PM]
well, it was featured news in Charisma Mag

Charles Page [01/05/2016 7:00 PM]
…as long as women don’t wear those jeans when performing on the Christian entertainment stage!!!

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