Iran Prepares For WAR


by Jason Conley

“Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s spiritual leader, issued a directive to the heads of all the country’s military, intelligence and security organisations to take all necessary measures to protect the regime.

Gen Jaafari responded to this directive by ordering Revolutionary Guards units to redistribute Iran’s arsenal of long-range Shahab missiles to secret sites around the country where they would be safe from enemy attack and could be used to launch retaliatory attacks.”


This is in response to obvious sabotage attacks to two bases over the past month in Iran, one a missile base, the other a nuclear facility in Isfahan.  Israel is not taking any chances over a nuclear equipped Iran and whether the world likes it or not, we are rushing headlong into a contained, regional war.

In a unexpected event of ‘tit-for-tat’ earlier in the week, Iran recovered a downed unmanned stealth drone that crashed in their region during a surveillance operation.  The RQ-170 Sentinel drone was one of America’s best kept secrets.  Questions surround how exactly the drone ended up in Iranian hands.  Iran of course claims it shot it down, the US is staying mum though what is certain is this is a major embareasment and a huge leak of classified top secret machinery.,0,928838.story

“Another U.S. official with access to intelligence said that losing the Sentinel is a major security breach. The official, who was not authorized to publicly speak about the information, wouldn’t say how the drone fell into Iranian hands, but confirmed that the downed drone was largely intact.

“It’s bad — they’ll have everything” in terms of the secret technology in the aircraft, the official said. “And the Chinese or the Russians will have it too.”

Things are escalating quickly in the region.  With Russia and the US positioning warships close to Syria, as well as Sec. of State Hillary Clinton meeting with Syrian opposition, riots erupting again in Egypt, Pakistan in an uproar, we have  found ourselves in the middle of a hornet’s nest.

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