Interesting combination of people

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Interesting combination of people

Henry Volk [09/25/2015 12:53 PM]
It’s nice when all the heretics get together

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 1:03 PM]

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 1:05 PM]

Byron Benefield [09/25/2015 1:45 PM]
So James Robinson is a heretic because he is in a picture????? So if he was in a pic with LGBT folks he would be gay????
If I see you in a picture with Disney characters does that make you Goofy?

Henry Volk [09/25/2015 2:29 PM]
No, but obviously these people are gathered for some unified theological purpose.

Fred Haft [09/25/2015 8:28 PM]
Question? Does this group need the Pope’s blessing or does the Pope need their blessing?

Anthony Lombard [09/25/2015 8:43 PM]
The Pope is not stupid, but I have deep reservations about the rest of the crowd.

Laurie Anne Corson [09/27/2015 2:27 PM]

Timothy Carter [09/28/2015 7:33 PM]
What is this The Committee of Liars?

John Kissinger [09/28/2015 11:23 PM]
#POPE charismatics to meet him at the Vatican in 2017. WHO’s going?

John Ruffle [09/29/2015 12:59 AM]
Where you get that info from?

John Kissinger [09/29/2015 2:44 AM]

Pope fathers charismatics into the Vatican in 2017

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