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Purely Inspirational!

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David John Maxfield | PentecostalTheology.com


Purely Inspirational!

Yadavally Yesudass [09/24/2015 11:00 PM]
Very proud of the young man, who wanted to live out the gospel. may god bless him and use him for His glory.

Yadavally Yesudass [09/24/2015 11:01 PM]
Let the fire spread in you town among the youths.

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:05 PM]
Guy from England did this all over Europe walking with his cross that had a back wheal attached John Ruffle knows his name

David John Maxfield [09/24/2015 11:30 PM]
Keith Wheeler does it and so does Arthur Blessed 🙂

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 1:27 AM]
Lindsay Hamon is the Britt walked with his cross in 60+ countries who I know http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-25144735

Timothy Carter [09/25/2015 5:11 AM]
Does he understand that the Bible is talking about Spirit issues? If not he could think his actions are gaining him salvation. Then set him up to believe that if others don’t do this they are not saved or at least not serious.

Timothy Carter [09/25/2015 5:11 AM]
I have seen this type of thing happen before.

David John Maxfield [09/25/2015 5:18 AM]
I think his heart intent was 100% pure

Timothy Carter [09/25/2015 6:23 AM]
I am not questioning his intent. I am questioning his Biblical foundation – discipleship in the World. The people who come against Jesus Christ was 100% serious about their intent to do God’s will. But they do not understand what God’s will is because they had no understanding of the scriptures. It was head knowledge and not joined together with heart knowledge by the Spirit.

David John Maxfield [09/25/2015 6:32 AM]
No one has is right straight off the bat, this is where we learn grace and leadership to guide the sheep. It’s not their fault but our responsibility. I know a few other people who do this and they have a massive impact in the kingdom of God all around the world. We to shouldn’t make reservations about the great things that we don’t fully understand.

Timothy Carter [09/25/2015 7:05 AM]
You are correct. I agree ? I was not judging him Brother David John Mayfield. Please note I am asking a question. I am taking a B (The lady who has the non English language name) I don’t know how to tagg her name. Her name means Bible Teacher I think. Anyway B knows this guy personally he is from her church.

Charles Page [09/25/2015 8:41 AM]
isn’t she Russian? She is a Russian Bible Teacher?

Charles Page [09/25/2015 8:41 AM]
John Kissinger

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 9:40 AM]
Charles you’ll be so greatly surprised when we finally meet Alan

Charles Page [09/25/2015 9:43 AM]
that couldn’t be sooner and enjoyable on my part!!! 😉

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 9:44 AM]
we got to go to the forgotten Chattanooga church and wash feet or foot (like they call it nowadays to sound more modernistically)

Charles Page [09/25/2015 9:46 AM]
I warn you I have toenail fungus!!! maybe you could heal them!

If you have faith to handle feet!!!

Charles Page [09/25/2015 9:46 AM]
what church is that?

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 9:47 AM]
I am yet to see anyone healed from toenail fungus (or cured in any other way except liver destroying chemical pills or cancer causing laser surgery)!

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 9:48 AM]
hey Christopher Hart here’s you another one: can’t be Pentecostal without foot washing [PERIOD] #BOOM

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 9:53 AM]
Jesus had no water bottle in his pocket or NIKE footwear Timothy

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