If you preach and teach

If you preach and teach

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If you preach and teach day in day and out and don’t get one soul saved it is very possible that the preaching is soulish, earthly and comes from a carnal mind..
Peter, as moved by the Spirit, preached and 3000 men got saved that day. Stephen, a man full of the Spirit preached in Samaria and among the converts was a sorcerer named rightly Simon the Sorcerer.Pauks preaching was not of mere words but with a demonstration of the power of the Spirit.
Before Jesus left He promised his disciples the gift which the Father has promised ie the Holy Spirit and said that one of the WORKS of the Spirit was to convince the world of sin.
Anytime someone stands to teach and preach a sermon he becomes a kind of judge in a court of law to convict an accuser. If his words bear enough evidence against the accused,, he will pronounce a verdict of guilty which in a word is a CONVICTION..
If our teaching and preaching doesn’t bring a conviction, a reaction eg a demonic manifestation, a healing or word of wisdom or knowledge or a miracle in the heart of the listener it is very likely the sermon is of our own teaching not Spirit laced..
It might sound offensive but it is worthwhile to check out if this is TRUE

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