If you are struggling with a sin

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Charles Page | PentecostalTheology.com


If you are struggling with a sin and you are Church of God persevere on and eventually the Church will rule that it is not a sin and you will be delivered from your struggle. Be patient God is not finished with the COG!!!

Timothy Carter [08/29/2015 6:48 AM]
Ministers I am tagging you so you can see the Pentecostal Theological has basicly built an online church for the purpose of attacking Church of God. This kind of thing happens alot over here. Aaron Raymond D Hodge Randy H Johnson Rodney Mullins Rodney Cundiff Patrick Ballington Jonny Hodges Chris Moody John Earp Cheryl Bridges Johns Jackie David Johns John Childers John D. Childers Travis Johnson Gregory Stevenson J. Stephen Conn Ric Metzgar Rick Wadholm Jr Rick Bradley Rick Waldrop Melissa Archer Kenneth J. Archer Al Taylor Wesley Allen Eddie Allen Melody Van Allen Deese Dwight Allen Melvin R Shuler Glenda Gates Shuler Mark A. Shuler Brooklyn Shuler McDermott

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