I am deeply concerned…

I am deeply concerned…

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I am deeply concerned regarding the infatuation some Church of God constituents have with the teachings of Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, the Word of Faith movement, the NAR movement, and so many of the ministers on TBN, DayStar, God Tube, etc. It’s almost as though the more aberrant, nonsensical, outlandish, and bizarre something is, the more it is embraced as a great move of God. Biblical discernment seems to be nonexistent among so many. Those who call for discernment are often called troublemakers or accused of bringing division to the body of Christ. When the disciples asked Jesus about the signs prior to his return (Matt 24), the first thing he said was “Let no one deceive you.” Deception is rampant in our culture. Myriad voices claim to speak for God. Prophecies abound. Brothers/Sisters, please use discernment. Do not believe every spirit (person) who says they speak for God. Read your Bible. Pray. Ask God for wisdom. The final summation is this, God will NEVER EVER tell you something (either through a preacher, a prophet, or the Holy Spirit) that contradicts his written Word.

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