How To Use The Spiritual Continuum In Ministry

How To Use The Spiritual Continuum In Ministry

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John Edmiston

How To Use The Spiritual Continuum In Ministry

This book is designed both as a book that can be easily read by an individual, and as a teaching manual that can be used in churches and in bible study groups. Theologically, it is suitable for Bible-believing, born-again, Spirit-filled Christians from a wide range of denominations and does not push any particular church or organizational perspective.  No payment is required. It is designed for 18-35 year olds in a discipleship program, preferably with a mentor. It is meant to be read first then discussed later, so it is fairly concise.

  • A slightly larger font is employed so that it will be easy to read on mobile devices or in less than perfect lighting.
  • There are wide margins so that the pages may be put in a ring binder and given out to students.
  • There is some space at the bottom of each page so that students can make their own notes as they go along.
  • There are study and discussion questions and practical exercises and “how to” material so that students can put the teachings into practice.
  • There is a Teacher and Facilitators Guide.

This book is designed for digital distribution and will be available in a wide range of digital formats such as PDF, epub, mobi and so on. Feel free to share it around to your friends.

You may print it out for study purposes in small groups, conferences and classroom situations.

There will be a free web page to help you teach the book and get the most from it in your ministry at and we also hope to have it as a free email course that students can sign-up for.

Above all The Spiritual Continuum is designed to be put into practice in your daily life!

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