#HILLARY Secret source says emails were not so secret

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#HILLARY Secret source says emails were not so secret and it turns to a PR campaign Alan N Carla Smith Jon Sellers

Alan N Carla Smith [10/21/2015 10:52 AM]
did we doubt this? Hillary is a masterful deceitful politician. WHO do you think got BILL elected?? ANSWER: Hillary the puppet-master

John Kissinger [10/21/2015 12:50 PM]
Hillary vs Trump in the final round Jon Sellers

Jon Sellers [10/21/2015 1:04 PM]
Biden just dropped out so Hillary is very likely to be the Democratic nominee. Still remains to be seen whether Trump can actually seal the deal.

John Kissinger [10/21/2015 1:14 PM]
Biden was never in 🙂

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