High Time to Throw the Game :: By Edwin Tan

High Time to Throw the Game :: By Edwin Tan

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There was not much of a crowd at one of my favorite eateries – far from the usual on the last Friday of the month. A fair bit of takeaways but a thin show of diners. I got the picture; the 2022 World Cup soccer tournament was keeping many from sitting down for a meal at eateries. I could have been one of them; I sure was part of the eat football and sleep football mantra twenty years ago. All that exhilaration connected with goalmouth action vanished; there was indeed a greater love – one which the masses cannot comprehend!

“If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things of the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:1-3).

There is no love lost where the World Game is concerned. Was it a case of feeling jaded? Far from it! It was more like growing out of the toys you played with as a kid. The football fan in me died; it died because of Jesus and the truth contained in the Living Word. Especially the prophetic truth so shunned by the masses because of their worldly preferences. Unlike large swathes of humanity that set their eyes on footballing finesse, my focus was on what mattered most – eternal destiny. There were things in play that had ramifications where the immediate future was concerned. Did it matter who was crowned global champion at the end of a month-long tournament?

Unlike the hordes of soccer fans that were glued on Qatar, my attention was trained on COP 27, which was hosted by Egypt. The venue was Sharm El Sheikh, which was close to where Mount Sinai was; this was more tradition-speak than fact. It would prove to be a watershed event; the deceiving drumbeat of climate change would now be elevated to the status of a global religion. Upon the southern mountains of Sinai, a virtual parody of the Ten Commandments was set in motion. It was in sharp defiance of what God instituted for mankind to follow. It would be known as the ten commandments of climate change, which amounted to worshipping creation versus the Creator. Practically all major religions in the world would be involved in this ecumenical endeavor.

The highlight of this event was the smashing of tablets on the purported site of Mount Sinai. It was surely modeled on what Moses did on the exact Mount Sinai, but it was based on Mother Earth worship versus unquestionable allegiance to the Heavenly Father. It was a clear act that was an abomination where God’s supremacy mattered. Where did it all add up to? A global religion mentioned in Revelation 17 – the whore of Babylon! A notable feature of the Tribulation- the crucial groundwork was truly set in motion.

They do say that some things do go very wrong on a Monday; it certainly happened to me nearly three weeks ago. My overworked Huawei breathed her last while I was working on something for Rapture Ready. More annoying than not, like an irritating mosquito bite – nothing close to the sledgehammer blow on cryptocurrency markets on that very day. FTX bit the dust amidst much carnage on the decentralized cryptocurrency market. A day later (when I got my brand new Vivo up and running), the New York Federal Reserve Bank made a groundbreaking move. With many major banks in tow, a twelve-week pilot program that would trial Central Bank Digital Currencies was set in motion. A lockstep move that was to sound the death knell where decentralized cryptocurrency markets were concerned.

Most students of Bible Prophecy know what the implications are of centralized digital money. Rings a very familiar bell – Revelation 13:16-18. The foundations of the Mark of the Beast economy are no longer nebulous and open to speculative discussion. It could very well have proceeded beyond the blueprint stage, perhaps being on course for full-fledged implementation in the very near future!

A few days after the rumble and tumble in the financial scene, the president of France made more than waves in Bangkok. As he addressed the APEC meeting, Emmanuel Macron pulled no punches about the need to remove superpower blocs. He strongly reiterated the need to have a single global power that would govern the entire planet. It sure does sound very much like the rider on the white horse that is mentioned in Revelation 6:2!

All the critical components of the New World order that would be pronounced in the Tribulation period are now in place. What do the mockers and scoffers have to say about this? Would they persist with that all too familiar refrain?

“And saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continued as they were from the beginning of creation’” (2 Peter 3:4).

With things that have happened in a November like never before, is it a case of being like it was way back then? Think again! Everything that is living Bible Prophecy will be unraveled at breakneck speed.

Enough to catch the unprepared flatfooted!

Perhaps it is time to forget about the things that are part and parcel of this fallen planet. This includes the ongoing World Game! With all that is exploding before many eyes, that which is prophesied in Holy Writ is about to materialize. On this token, the moment whereby genuine believers in Christ will suddenly disappear from the earth will indeed come to pass. As good as any time, as I write!

Before the Tribulation can kick off, the ultimate kicker has to take place. It is none other than the Rapture. With the stage-setting attaining unprecedented levels as far as the time of Jacob’s Trouble goes, our redemption could be a shout away.



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