HARVARD Face Time With Refugees, Divine Vision in Pain, Joy and Wisdom

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Fighting for Justice: Journalist and HDS visiting professor E.J. Dionne addresses political strains in the U.S.

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Face Time With Refugees

Immersive technology portal at HDS spurs conversations and connections half a world apart. Read more

Divine Vision

For Dean’s Council member Akhil Gupta, religious literacy is central to a future of human flourishing. Read more

Pain, Joy, Wisdom

In a weekly dialogue, four professors and 80 graduate and undergraduate students look at strategies for living morally amid uncertainty. Read more

Upcoming Events

Thursday, November 30, 5:15 pm, CSWR Common Room
When the Elders of Zion Relocated to Eurabia: Conspiratorial Racialisation in Antisemitism and Islamophobia

Thursday, November 30, 7 pm, Sperry Room, Andover Hall
James Luther Adams in Unitarian Universalist History

Monday, December 4, 5:15 pm, Sperry Room, Andover Hall
Boarding the Voyage: An Evening With Robin Coste Lewis


  • Varnel Watson
    Reply November 23, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    good thing to remember we were fugees in this country once upon a time Street Preacherz

  • Street Preacherz
    Reply November 23, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    We’re still refugees.

  • Scotty Searan
    Reply November 24, 2017

    Scotty Searan

    The people in this picture are not refugees, but illegal immigrants
    The people that came to America in the 1600s came to a different type of America than now.
    They paid their passage to come.
    The land did have natives but they had no borders or fences.
    Our government has a fence in its southern border that means no trespassing
    If our government cannot have a border with security to protect its interests.
    Then we the American citizens should remove our fences and walls from around our own property and allow anyone to squat and live where they choose without regard for the law
    But if,we are going to bring refugees, the organizations should be responsible for the livelihood of these individuals, if the government the government should be responsible if a church that church should be responsible
    Not other organizations or assistance

  • Scotty Searan
    Reply November 24, 2017

    Scotty Searan

    If Harvard Divinity School wants to help refugees, but they should be responsible for the refugees welfare if they are brought to America

  • Varnel Watson
    Reply November 24, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    and many of their graduates probably are

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