Going Deeper: 3 Stages of Worship

Going Deeper: 3 Stages of Worship

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Some people try to rush into the presence of God, but pressing into intimacy in God’s presence flows through three stages based on tabernacle or temple worship: Level 1: Outer Court Worship. Level 2: Inner Court/Holy Place Worship. Level 3: Holy of Holies Worship. We need to have all three stages in our lives. Some just stay in the Outer Court, some progress part way, but God wants us to go the whole way with Him.

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  • Reply October 20, 2021

    Ray E Horton

    The three stages based on “tabernacle or temple worship” make senses, and I once taught that. But, I no longer teach the tabernacle of Moses, but rather, the tabernacle of David. David came into God’s presence and danced before the Lord in Zion, and without stages. Once we already have that intimacy with the Lord and are fully aware of His presence within us, we can immediately experience His presence at any time and in any place. So, when you say :”Some people try to rush into the presence of God,” I say, for those who know their God, it’s not a matter of trying but being, and knowing your relationship with the Lord.

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