God’s Final Warning to America

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Troy Day DOW down 1100 points today after -600 Friday. The Market is backfiring against the so called economic growthDow had lost 2,200 points since Jan. 26 @ 10% rapid declineThis is more than just another market equalization Stocks are fearing trillion dollar debt deficitThe end of first quarter in 2018 is soon Joseph D. Absher
Joseph D. Absher Bitcoin lost 10 billion in one day. The hackers probably got it when they changed the code in S. Korea.You live by the DOW you die by the DOW. Love not the world? Ring a bell?
Troy Day BitCoin is not real. Just watching the signs #DOW
Joseph D. Absher Yes I know. sorry.
Joseph D. Absher I could have told you two weeks ago. Pride goes before the fall
Troy Day It all started after SOTU – something went terribly wrong there
Joseph D. Absher You never seen deaf ears
Troy Day I’ve seen deaf ears open
Joseph D. Absher Think this way. this is fruit, behind the pulpit and in the pew. Bad and worse take your pick
Joseph D. Absher The righteous voice was probably on lock down with Homeland Security and his gold leaf Bible
Joseph D. Absher For those of you that think president Trump is no politician. He’s learning real fast
Troy Day Jim Price Ed Brewer Joseph D. Not to pour any more oil in the fire but the dollar value as currency has lost some 20% since last November, contributing greatly to the trillion debt held in part by China and in part of Dubai who now owns over 20% of the NASDAQ index. Economic growth? Not until the budget gets balanced which has not happened in 20 years since 1998. Nonetheless all lowering tax moneys right now (and until the budget) come from 1. military expenditure cuts2. taking money from immigrant, welfare, SNAP food stamps  and other common wealth programs  ie moneys from the poorest of the poorest in your pocket today   https://www.theatlas.com/charts/Skx9F39Mz
Joseph D. Absher And friend if the world traded oil on any other currency we would bankrupt over night. Some say the real reason to remove Khadafy was to stop his plans to do so.Love not the world! It perishes…
Troy Day China just started trading oil in their currency Still looking for the OP where we predicted this would happen Link Hudson https://www.cnbc.com/…/china-will-compel-saudi-arabia…
Steve Maxwell The problem people whom have little knowledge of macroeconomics have, is the stock markets are an unreliable metric. Think about it….during the Obama administration,  the stock market more than doubled while GDP only grew at 1.5% and wages fell.The reason this happened is that the Obama fiscal policy was so poor, that the Federal Reserve had to prop up the economy by keeping interest rates low and printing money. Big business, big banks and stocks do well in this environment….the rest of us suffer.Last week, the reports indicated that wages are growing at a fast clip and the economy will probably reach 3.5%-4.0% growth rate. This will mean that interest rates will rise to stave off inflation.  The punch bowl of low interest rates will be taken away from big business and banks. It’s the turn of the common man to get a break.
Pam Pearce I believe Johnathan is absolutely right!
Troy Day Well no Steve Maxwell not really. When the market crashes like that billions of dollars are forever lost and the people get poorerLowe market reflects low desire to investWithout investors you basically dont have economy and productCombined with a weak dollar which increases the trillion dollar debt and the purchasing power of the people Growth in wages matter little if your prices sky rockMeaning you can make $50 more today but then a tank of gas costs you $50 more and the gain is not a tank of gas but 0.Economy growth of 2-4% does little when you currency drops and your trillion debt increases   At the end is called devalvation or even currency inflationIt is very simple if you are $50 000 in debt for your house and car and your salary increases from 4K to 5K this month but you also spend extra $1000 on high price gas, milk, electricity = at the end of the month you have still worked as hard; still spent all you made that month and you are still  $50K in debt. No economic growth, just waste of time and you got older and cant work that hard anymoreWith this in mind Trumps promise for 6% economic growth is unachievable until the trillion dollar debt is paid. Foreseeable realistic growth is between 2-4% which was the same with Obama and both Bushes. The highest it can get with so much American debt out there. There is just not enough population to improve the end results; therefore America has for decades now relied on foreign and migrant labor
Steve Maxwell This won’t even be listed as one of the top ten corrections, in terms of %. People will always want to make money and the market is the best vehicle for 99% of them.
Ed Brewer Good video Troy Day – I agree wholeheartedly with the content of his message, but he has a history as an unreliable prophet, and the scripture is clear as to whether he is to be trusted in that gifting.  As for the stock market fluctuations, they are a normative and healthy function of a vibrant economy.  One economist described all the indicators as analogous to the human body – with all its attendant functions.  It’s not healthy if all it does is breath in and eat without occasionally exhaling and….welll…you get it.  Don’t panic unless the broader fundamentals of the economy begin to move in unison, and that is decidedly not happening.  My only concern is that the economy may be overheating with too much too quickly, and the old nemesis inflation may be on the horizon.  Interest rates will have to be managed carefully (read raised) to tap the brakes, and the debt will become less and less of an issue as the deficits are sintered by economic growth and the commensurate increase in government revenue.  Bottom line…. hang on skippey and watch the engine of the American economy do what only it can do over time.  A few days of profit taking does not a crisis portend.
Joseph D. Absher Mr Brewer what ever happened to trillions the Fed has been printing since ’08. Has the economy recovered it. Or is inflation going to have “eat it” in the near term. I mean somebody has to pay right. It wasn’t free money? Just thought I’d ask thank you
Ed Brewer Joseph D. Absher that question needs to be stretched back to 1973 in order to be a fair assessment — all things being equal, the idea of a static economy with perpetually balanced budgets would be ideal, but the world is not and cannot be based on such a utopian thought — things grow or things die — it applies across the board.  The Fed has been printing money since well before we came off the gold standard, and will continue to do so.  We need to balance the budget, of course, but not at the expense of the health of the economy – which is the way some seem to want to do it.  The worst form of diet is to fast, because it harms the body on the way down — the best is to rev up the metabolism – works for the economy too.  The balanced budgets of the Clinton years had as much to do with the fact that the economy outgrew it as that congress managed the money that well.  There is not a place to ‘cash in your chips’ and come to a ‘zero sum basis’ in a dynamic economy — the monetary system is based upon ‘the full faith and credit of the United States’, not a box of valuables in a vault.  Every one of those trillions is still in circulation along with many more tangible expressions of that confidence (stocks, bonds, treasuries, etc.) in an ever expanding, continually transforming way.
Joseph D. Absher Thank you. I think it’s an understatement to say we do not live in a truly capitalistic economy. Both sides of the aisle might remember that.
Steve Maxwell Troy Day, Trump never promised a 6% growth rate, he promised a 3% growth rate. As we can see from last weeks employment report,  3% has always been considered good enough to achieve wage growth. Even the great Ronald Reagan’s economy only averaged 3.5% and added 22 million jobs over 8 years. This loss of 1700 on the DOW, doesn’t even meet the criteria to be called a correction.  It’s already showing signs of a bottom.  You cheerleaders for doom and gloom in America are going to have to wait for anorher day.Btw, i have to ask..If the American economy keeps performing, at what point do we consider Cahn a false prophet?
Troy Day “So we’re at 3.3 percent GDP. I see no reason why we don’t go to 4 percent, 5 percent, and even 6 percent.”-Donald Trump, Presidenthttps://www.cnbc.com/…/trump-defies-data-with-6-percent…
Steve Maxwell Here’s the fact, Troy Day  https://www.investors.com/…/trump-just-did-something…/
Joseph D. Absher There are no false prophets anymore.
Steve Maxwell Please explain….then I’m assuming there are no prophets
Joseph D. Absher Everybody’s a prophet just ask them
Steve Maxwell Exactly lol
Joseph D. Absher I knew in the 80’s when they started saying,”embryo prophet” and allowing for gross error and misrepresenting the Lord we going to be in trouble. Of course I never said anything.
Jim Price As a pay back to Trump’s, America First, the world financial market is said to be switching from the U.S. Dollar to Chinese funds. We are at the beginning of a world currency problem. The President doesn’t understand the worldwide economic system, though he does know enough about certain aspects to have made him rich. In addition people close to him say he doesn’t listen or learn. It’s a big and complicated problem and it’s not all the president’s fault, of course, but he does zig and zag so much that it leads to an uncertain future.
Timothy K. Wiebe Any zagging or zigging will always be Obama’s fault for the next twelve years
Troy Day Well its hard to explain simple economix to preachers
Steve Maxwell Have you ever read Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”? It’s a necessary read in understanding economics.
Joseph D. Absher No sir I did get “A” in it. But by that time graphs were a cinch. Statics was the killer.
Troy Day Of course Steve  ! Who hasn’t read Adam Smith? Simple Economix 101 Now pls note that your reference to Adam Smith’s theory of economix is absolutely    irrelevant to our discussions here because of the following:(1) Adam Smith was a Scott with no clue of American economix. He barely understood colonial trade, thinking it was the best thing ever happened to Britain never-mind it actually empowered American  independence and was entirely destructive to British economy(2) Adam Smith died before the first securities were ever traded in America in 1792 and before the NYSE ever opened in 1817; meaning his theory on economix did not include free world trade as we know it today (3) and finally, Adam Smith theory of economix included: slavery and free slave labor, colonial markets imperialism governingand the lack of free (a) world markets, (b) stock exchange, (c) market (not royally) controlled currency printing, (d) gold standard vs credit/debt payments and so on and so on.  Please read on all that later! Newsflash – world has changed a bit since then.Now to our current situation and facts:Trump’s frequent economic boasts is about Gross Domestic Product growth. GDP is the broadest measure of an economy. With each quarterly estimate Trump brags the GDP has grown at never before seen rates.“We were at 3.2 last quarter, but we were at 3. And to be at 3 with a 1 point, that would have meant we would have hit 4 or thereabouts. And those are numbers that have not been seen for many years,” he said on Oct. 31 after the release of second quarter numbers.Never mind that most economists think 4 percent growth is unlikely in a developed economy — or that quarterly GDP growth has often topped 3 percent during Obama’s presidency. Here is the actual graph for comparison https://img.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php…
Troy Day Here is the historic unemployment decline  which started in 2010 not in 2017 https://img.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php…
Troy Day And here is the job market with jobs created to date. What is being said and what the historical data is  are clearly not one and the same  https://img.washingtonpost.com/…/2017jobs…
Steve Maxwell Troy Day, your dismissal of Adam Smith,  claiming that he couldn’t have a clue as to how the American economy works, is a clear and conclusive indication, that you have no clue about the Laws of Economics.  As if the Laws of Economics change, depending on era and country….big lol my friend.
Troy Day Got it – you got nothing further to say #BigDeal
Steve Maxwell BTW Troy, if you knew anything about economics, you would know that employment is lagging indicator.  Thus, as Obama’s GDP slowed to 1.5% in 2016, it created a slowing if job growth in 2017. With the economic growth picking up in 2017, both job and wage growth has occured in the last quarter.
Steve Maxwell Obama’s 2016
Steve Maxwell This report is what caused the market sell off.  Sometimes good economic news is bad news for the market.    https://www.marketwatch.com/…/us-adds-200000-jobs…
Joseph D. Absher If I heard correctly he pronounced a judgment on the court. 3 years ago? Two of the justice are gone. With every prophecy I guess it’s best to wait. Unless of course out of line with scripture. This isn’t. Now if we got 2 or 3 Constitutional lawyers lawyers up there? That would be a big plus in my book.But it would be an oversell to call it a final warning.
Steve Maxwell Give a break Joseph. He’s predicted 12 out of the last 2 catastrophes.  🤣
Joseph D. Absher Ok I guess you can help me this time. Do you mean give “me” a break or “him” a break. You might have a spell delete here. But to the point I seriously don’t know him. So how would I know? I just made what I thought was a simple observation. I personally don’t know why people are so fascinated by eschatology. Well I do but I’m not saying this time
Steve Maxwell No, I’m being sarcastic.  I watch a lot of financial news and some economists are constantly predicting downturns. Every once in a while,  they are right and naturally they will brag. They are always met with the rebuttal of “you’ve picked 9 of 2 of the last recessions correctly.”
Joseph D. Absher Ok thanks. How about an educated guess then. How long before cyberwar financial and power grid become real. We was millions of federal employees personal information stolen. No consequences. Bitcoin 10 billion lost one day on a code adjustment. No consequences. Russian take Creimia locking down the grid no consequences. Largest cyber theft ever 543 million in real money gone. No consequences. Intellectual property theft in the billions no consequences. How long before the Fed is compromised. How long do think the dollar can hold. Given the prize and our enemies determination
Steve Maxwell Some of what you list is very legitimate and their are even more threats that we don’t even see out there. However, i firmly believe that a free people in a free nation will always overcome a nation of people without the same incentive of rational self interest.You do realize that bitcoin,  loss of less than $1billion from theft are equivalent to a pimple on a blue whales tail, compared to the American economy.
Joseph D. Absher There are more. I remember when the progressives said that about the trillion of “TARP”
Steve Maxwell There are more, but the fundamental health of the American and world economy is improving.  We are in a rare moment of synchronized growth world wide. It tickles me to see someone cite a two day downturn, that doesn’t even reach the threshold of a correction, as evidence of impending collapse.
Joseph D. Absher You don’t mean me. I’m not.
Steve Maxwell No, you cite legitimate concern
Joseph D. Absher I’m saying love not the world. Economics may be your forte’ but I have a few other things on my mind. Rent included.
Steve Maxwell I respect that. I’m a businessman, who interacts with American Jewish businessmen in Los Angeles 2-3 days a week. My mom and aunt tried calling me into the ministry,  but God didn’t.
Joseph D. Absher The times they are a changing1 microwavable sweet potato $1.18
Joe Met If there ever was a Con-man…..
Nelson Banuchi IMO, the only reason why we are in this moral state we are in today is because the Church did not repent of adulterous relationships rampant beginning in the late 1940’s through to the late 1970’s (and still is pretty unrepentant).  That the homosexual community has infiltrated the church and is a dominant force in America, as much a force as the Planned Parenthood, is already a divine punishment of America.Cahn’s warning is a little late…
Troy Day No no. His timing was just fine. Add 4 moons to a trillion dollar debt and you get a great prophecy best seller Otherwise Cahns understanding of the stock market is about as good as Steve Maxwell knowledge on Adam Smith. It is a great thing.Believe me really smart Stable genius Great wall Great everything and nothing
Steve Maxwell I read what you wrote about the consequences of this correction.  You haven’t  a clue.
Nelson Banuchi I have not thoroughly read this but it may be a biased report on Cahn, but even biased reports may be factual: http://www.churchfreedom.org/prophecy-fulfilled…/
Joseph D. Absher If you get a chance to talk to him. Tell him I love him but it might be time for check up.
Louise Cummings Keep all ministers. I listen to them all Jonathan Chan , Perry Stone. , It’s Supernatural. , Prophecy’s of different different ones. And Prophecys about Donal Trump.
Troy Day Deficit: The amount by which the government’s total budget outlays exceeds its total receipts for a fiscal year. —US Senate Budget CommitteeIn FY 2017 the federal deficit was $666 billion. But the gross federal debt increased by $700 billion. Note the numbers Ricky Grimsley It has began
Steve Maxwell Our debt and deficits are too high and our government spends too much money, but  you might want to take a look at the debts other nations are suffering,  without experiencing an impending doom in the near future.      http://www.businessinsider.com/countries-with-the…/…
Troy Day Steve Maxwell the approach you have presenting in this discussion is called Straw Man fallacy Here are external debt vs capita with US No 1 on the list https://en.wikipedia.org/…/List_of_countries_by…But No one has even mentioned what you are arguing. OP still is God’s Final Warning to America – are you saying God is not judging America through the economic crises of external debt we are in? Hey Leon Bible give us your accountant expertise on this one pls
Steve Maxwell Troy Day, you have once again, revealed a lack understating in economics. You posted an article that list the amount of external debt each nation owes.  Of course America’s is the largest….we have by far the largest GDP(Economic output) This figure loses relevance, unless it’s ratio of debt/gdp is listed.
Troy Day I was just looking for your comment to respond but could not find it so thanks for the tag. Removed? You cannot be an authority on my knowledge or expertise because you dont know me. What I posted was a reference of your straw man arguments that have nothing to do with OP. Now if you’d like to return to discussing OP that will be great but if you are out of arguments I would understand Thanks
Steve Maxwell God is judging us by the debt we are in…lol, we’ve done that to ourselves.
Nelson Banuchi And that’s the divine judgment, to allow us to get in debt over our heads…
Scotty Searan Rom 13:8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.
Louise Cummings Scotty Searan great Scriptures.
Paul Hughes What, another “final warning”?
Louise Cummings Explain.
Troy Day Not just Rom 13:8 Scotty Searan The whole OT system of economix is based on debt issues, famine, prosperity and so on common wealth issues which God used for dealing with Israel
Leon Bible Well I always come down on the Dave Ramsey side of things – I hate debt! Glad to be out of it myself. But as to the US market, most of the fundamentals are very good! So I would not expect to see a BIG downturn. A few corrections now and then are always going to happen. And I think this latest sell off just barely hit the correction territory. So I am not concerned at this time. When the market INCREASES as much as this one has in the last few months then a “profit taking” time (sell off) is always gong to happen as people attempt to lock in their gains. However the BIG one is coming and is definitely out there. As to Jonathan Cahn, I have read his material and for the most part like it as far as principle and warnings go…  BUT the date setting is NUTS.
Troy Day Are you the same Leon Bible from Dake.com ?
Leon Bible Troy Day Yes that is me.
Troy Day I always knew we had Christian celebrities in this group and the dont all live in Dunn 🙂
Troy Day I always knew we had Christian celebrities in this group and the dont all live in Dunn 🙂 Leon Bible works for DAKE Publishers – pls direct any and all question you have ever had about DAKE to Leon Bible 🙂 Ricky Grimsley Rico Hero
Leon Bible Let me see where can i hide.
Troy Day my DAKE Reference Bible on CD is not working – how can it be fixed?
Leon Bible Troy Day You talking about mp3 ? or the Bible software? or the Video’s?  AND how old is what you are talking about?
Troy Day The software from back in the day I PMed you the details
Louise Cummings Yes He Will.
Louise Cummings I like Dakes study Bible. My letters are to small for me to see now. I need to upgrade. But hid references are harder to study. But when you do. You have some good knowledge of the Bible.
Louise Cummings I want to listen to this tomorrow. The Lord Willing.
Steve Maxwell I always enjoyed my Dake commentary,  but he had a few funky views as I recall.Didn’t he claim that babies qould be born in Heaven and we will be racially segregated, Leon Bible?
Ricky Grimsley Not that babies will be born in heaven but on earth in the millennium and possibly after since there will still be humans.
Leon Bible Ricky Grimsley is correct. The Bible teaches that there will be perpetual generations of men on the “new” earth throughout all eternity. Genesis 9:12  And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: (KJV)
Steve Maxwell Thanks Ricky Grimsley and Leon Bible
Ricky Grimsley Np
Joe Met Does anyone here really take what Con says seriously?
Pam Pearce Yes!
Joe Met Pam Pearce  So Pam,  did you buy into the ‘Blood Moon’ thing?
Pam Pearce Joe Met absolutely!
Troy Day Steve Maxwell Most of funky stuff you refer to have been longed removed  from Dake Bible BTW we have plenty of DAKE topics in the group no need to hujack this fine Cahn discussion Joseph D. Absher have preachers preaching against their own land heard from God?
Steve Maxwell “I always knew we had Christian celebrities in this group and the dont all live in Dunn 🙂 Leon Bible works for DAKE Publishers – pls direct any and all question you have ever had about DAKE to Leon Bible 🙂 Ricky Grimsley Rico Hero”……..who wrote this?
Troy Day Right right 🙂 I dunno any celebrities from Dunn \
Joseph D. Absher Preachers preach a lot of things without hearing from God. You ought know that
Louise Cummings Does that mean that you think I’ve preached something that I haven’t heard from God. Because I told about preaching. But I didn’t tell what I preached. I was telling on the Church Of God Forum about two revivals. But I said nothing about what I preached. One Revival was before I married. One was after I married. But I can’t even remember what I preached. That’s been many years ago.
Joseph D. Absher Mrs Louise Cummings I in no way mean your fine preaching. I wish I could hear more
Louise Cummings I wrote back that you had something else in mind. Sorry about that.
Joseph D. Absher Nothing on my mind today thanks lol
Louise Cummings I was talking about in the above statements about different Bibles. And preachers. Of being careful or something like that. This morning when I first turned on face book. I’ve been gone all day since then. I don’t know they have on now.
Louise Cummings To let you know why I thought you might have been talking about me. When I was getting ready for bed last. I was talking on the Church Of God Forum. About a Revival I held before I married. And a two weeks Revival after I married. I married at 19 years old.  Then wen I first turned on face book. Or Pentecostal Theology. Your comment was but everyone doesn’t preach the truth. That’s why I thought I might have said something , when I was talking about revivals. Because that was the last thing I said before going to bed. Then the first thing I read when I woke up and looked o face book was but everyone doesn’t preach the truth. So I thought might have meant something I said while I was talking about preaching. After I read where Pentecostal Theology was discussing. Different preachers and Bibles. Then I thought that was probably  what you was referring to instead of me. It was all on my part. I just was putting two things together that didn’t belong together. I’m sorry it was all a mix up on my part. I was just thinking to quick on things that didn’t go together. I knew you mean anything wrong. I should learn to read what’s above a statement. Forgive me. I’m sorry. I make things worse by trying to explain.
Joseph D. Absher Ms Louise Cummings that must have been fun to preach a revival. Did people get saved. How did you do your altar call. I preached last night from Ephesians 2:7-9. “saved by faith” a message on grace. They always turn the mic off on me.  But they say they were encouraged and happy. As for the other stuff please don’t worry. I often respond to quickly myself. I just delete before I get caught. But seriously Please don’t hesitate to comment we need your grace and experience and scriptural knowledge. I can do the passion for Jesus Christ part. If you can help with the other stuff. Thank you again for all you do. Have fun stay safe and give God the glory in everything!
Louise Cummings Thank yo very much.
Louise Cummings Yes there was people saved. And the Sunday School Superintendent told me kids would play church at home And act just like me. My school friends said they didn’t know how to act around me. I told them just like they would act if I wasn’t there. The Superintendent got called to preach later. And pastored large churches. He went further than I could ever go. It was my first Revival. And people acted just like they do in revivals now. The Church was pretty much full. I look back on it now. And think , God you had to call me. I didn’t know anything. It had to be God for me to even think I was called. I was raised Baptist. My daddy’s family was raised Church Of Christ. My daddy was a Bible reader. We all went to the Baptist until I started to the ChurchOf God. And got so Hungary for the Holy Ghost. And in a youth service. We were all praising the Lord. And I started speaking in a Heavenly Language that I knew was real. My parents never tried to stop me. I was a changed person. In the second Revival. It went two weeks. It wasn’t me. The Church was ready for Revival. The alters were full every night. But sometimes. They were filling the alters. Before I preached. That’s how I know they were ready for Revival. But it does bog my mind how the Lord helped me preach a message just like people preached messages today. It had to be God that gave the messages and anointed like they were. And I didn’t know nothing. That’s how I know. It had to be God. It couldn’t have been me. I give God The Glory. Because it was all Him and Not me.
Joseph D. Absher Thank you. I needed to hear that. Jesus blessed me today. We all have our struggles and trials but Jesus kept again today. I’m so happy. He gives us joy and assurance and plenty of  promises too. If we can believe them. But I gotta tell you my favorite. “He is a very present help in a time of trouble.” He is Faithful.  That Jesus is really something!
Louise Cummings I would love to hear you preach. My daughter straightened out some words for me. I hadn’t found out how to do that. I sure put in some wrong letters sometimes. But I think my daughter got it all fixed.
Joseph D. Absher I can’t really preach I just talk about Jesus and stay in the Bible. lol.. I’ve found it’s best to Start off with Jesus can’t go wrong then. I like have Jesus in my open. Leaves out the guess work lol. Hes In my theme and in the big points. He makes a great conclusion too. He’s the best. A well that never runs dry. I don’t don’t know why people don’t just roll their burdens over on him. He’s Almighty good.
Louise Cummings Great advice.
Louise Cummings I think I see what you are talking about. The different kinds of study Bibles. I haven’t used Dake in years very little. But I liked it when I studied it. Maybe one or two things. That most people today go along with. I mostly use Nelson Spirit Filled Lifr Bible. And I like Jimmie Swaggers study Bible. I’ve got The Thompson Chain. And David Jeremiah, Perry Stone , New Testament. And David Jeremiah study on Daniel and Revelation.
Louise Cummings My Dake’s says Dakes Annotated Reference Bible. Authorized Or KingJames Version Text. By Finis Jennings Dake. Printing was March 1988.
Dan Terry I have had a dakes for over 45 years I ca not see the small print any more but as a young CHRISTIAN I had to keep my studies to myself so I would not be called a heretic but he did have a lot to say about the FALLEN ANGLES  like ENOCH talks about
Scotty Searan I still use DAKES ANNOTATED STUDY BIBLE I also use LIFE IN THE SPIRIT BIBLE I prefer Jimmy Swaggart commentaries over the EXPOSITORS STUDY BIBLENot completely sold on how much emphasis and explaining making it all go back to the CROSS.
Louise Cummings It’s been a long time since tries to read very much in his Bible. He does have a few thing in there that made me wonder. But a lot of preachers are preaching it now. It was about the world before this one. But I don’t remember about reading about fallen angels in his Bible.
Louise Cummings Scotty Searan that’s the one I study most also. He does carry every everything back to the Cross. And really everything does go back to the Cross. But when he does that and I’m trying to find an answer. I go to my Spirit Filled Bible. Sometimes , it has deeper answer than Jimmie Swagger. But I still use his bible more than any that I have.
Dan Terry Louise Cummings I have a Swagger bible it didn’t do a thing for me like the DAKES and yes if you go to GEN it will tell you in his foot notes about the Angles I also have the study book from DAKE called GOD’S PLAN FOR MAN  it gets very deep in study and not taught at all in church for STUDY
Louise Cummings Yes Dake’s I don’t suppose you can find any better. It’s harder to run the studies our than others. Because his references on the sides. Would run you all through the Bible. But when you studied. You knew the meaning of what it was saying. I wish I had one with big letters. But I’ll agree his Bible is good.
Louise Cummings Dan Terry it’s just easy to read the meaning under every verse. But I like it.
Ray E Horton Cahn is off the wall.  If God judges America, He will have to apologize to Jesus, who took judgment for sin upon Himself on the cross.  Any further judgment is reserved for the final judgment, where the wheat (those who chose to receive Jesus’ forgiveness) will be separated from the tares (those who refused Him).
Steve Maxwell I agree with you Ray E Horton. Some folks think God must be America-centric. America isn’t thw epicenter of God’s world. Even look at thw Kahn inspired book “Four Blood Moons”. The four blood moons were over America, not Israel.
Louise Cummings I tried listening to his message yesterday. But couldn’t get into it with so many things here getting my mind off of it. But I usually like the messages I hear. I haven’t heard any today.
Troy Day Steve You are correct. One can even argue America is not in the Bible. However, the US Stock Market word given in the video concerns the United States directly and without a doubt. Though Dubai owns much of NASDAQ and CHINA much of the trillion dollar debt, still most market investors are US based. This is also true for the global bit-coin markets. Now then, if we focus on the Bible alone, most OT prophecies referred to  Israel and how Israel was treated by the leading empire at the time. God was not centrist on Babylon, Greece, Syria or Rome but sure enough whole lots of prophecies in the Bible deal with them as empires
Joseph D. Absher Given the numbers of sins and the violent culture we have in this country, and the innocent bloodshed, and the open rebellion and the promotion of fornication and greed I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know we are in big trouble and a judgment of this nation is long over due. My position is that preaching against sin and denouncing sin is only a portion of the gospel. We must also be bold for Jesus Christ. For the Gospel. For the Cross. The gospel is Jesus Christ and him crucified.
Dan Terry The only sin we have to preach is the SIN OF NOT BELIEVING  all the others will come in time  Paul even though the people in CORINTH were save Paul said they didn’t know what SPIRIT they were of ? HOW CAN THAT BE ? not know
Troy Day SIN OF NOT BELIEVING is a bad bad sin. So is sin of not forgiving. But as someone already said: why ask forgiveness when havent done nothing wrong? Walter Polasik http://www.bikerchurch.us/
Dan Terry because all have sinned and come short we are sinners not for what we have done we ares sinners because of what ADAM has done and now we are set free from death because of what JESUS HAS DONE and thats the GOOD NEWS WE PREACH
Louise Cummings Amen.
Ray E Horton Dan is correct, in fact, for the only sin that one is held accountable for is the sin of not believing in Jesus.  Jesus took care of the sin problem, but unbelief prevents one from taking advantage of what was accomplished on the Cross.
Leon Bible Hi Ray E Horton Would you happen to have a Scripture for the belief that: “the only sin that one is held accountable for is the sin of not believing in Jesus.” This can’t be true, for when Jesus came to Earth to die for the sins of man, NO OT saint had ever failed to believe in Jesus.
Ray E Horton Leon, we see that all through Paul’s writings, that Jesus took our sins upon Himself. For example, 2 Cor. 5:21, “God made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”The O.T. saints received God’s righteousness on credit, so to speak.  “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness” (Rom. 4:3).
Leon Bible Ray E Horton What OT saint rejected Jesus?
Ray E Horton Those we think of as OT saints didn’t reject Jesus, and like Abraham, their faith was credited for righteousness.  Read Heb. 11.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton True so if the only sin that man is held accountable for is rejecting Jesus, then there was no reason for Jesus to come for as you say no OT saints rejected Jesus!
Ray E Horton Leon Bible No. as we are told, they were made righteous on credit for what Jesus would do, as we see in Rom. 4:3.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton but you said the only sin  man is held accountable for is rejecting Jesus.  Nobody did that in the OT. So why did Jesus come if there was no sin held to the account of mankind?
Ray E Horton Leon Bible Those who, unlike Abraham, did not believe, were not saved on account.  Jesus came and set free all who would believe.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton But according to you nobody was bound. Because you said that God only judges people for rejecting Jesus and nobody in the OT had ever rejected Jesus. So based on that logic there was no reason for Jesus to come.
Ray E Horton No, by not stepping out in faith like Abraham, they were in effect rejecting Jesus.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton What Scripture do you have that would support that view?
Ray E Horton Let me put it another way. There is no provision for salvation other than Jesus’ sacrifice, so not accepting that is automatic separation and judgment.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton Correct no other provision for salvation other than Jesus. I fully agree. But to say that the ONLY sin that man is accountable for is the rejection of Jesus is just not a Biblical statement.  DID you know that there are sins that people go to Hell for and it is NOT rejection of Jesus? Jesus himself tells of sins that send people straight to Hell and it has nothing to do with rejection of Jesus.
Ray E Horton If they go to hell for their sins, it was because they didn’t receive the forgiveness offered, thus it was ultimately the rejection of Jesus, otherwise those sins wouldn’t have sent them to hell since they’d be forgiven.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton Consider the words of Jesus Ray. Mark 9:43 “And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched:”  THE ONLY difference in going to Hell or NOT going to Hell… is what the hand has done! If the offending hand is removed then the person enters into life. If the offending hand remains then Hell becomes the punishment.  NOW nowhere in this passage is the rejection of Jesus mentioned as the reason for going to Hell – ONLY what the hand did! Thus the sin of the hand can keep a person out of life and send them to Hell.  Nothing to do with the rejection of Jesus.
Ray E Horton Jesus preached under the Old Covenant before the cross, since redemption hadn’t yet taken place for the forgiveness of sin.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton No Ray, Jesus’ teachings are Bible doctrine for TODAY. Jesus commanded it! Matt. 28:19  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to OBSERVE ALL THINGS whatsoever I HAVE COMMANDED you:…  So according to you we are NOT to observe the command of Jesus. I think if you think about that just a little you will see how Scripturally wrong that is.
Ray E Horton No, His instructions were post Calvary. And, we can follow those commands by His grace.  The New Covenant isn’t to be confused with the New Testament.  The New Covenant begins with Jesus’ death and resurrection.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton OK HIS “post calvary” command was to teach “them to OBSERVE ALL THINGS whatsoever I HAVE COMMANDED you:…”  What Christ taught the disciples was to NOT allow our hand, feet and eyes to offend, and if we did for that offence we would go to Hell. Jesus settled it for all time. A person can go to Hell for what they DO.  Why are YOU rejecting Jesus’ word on this?
A.J. Bible Ray E Horton, so will all the devils in the kingdom of hell go to Heaven as well? “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” James 2:19
Ray E Horton A.J. Bible That’s a bit silly!  The devils weren’t redeemed.
Ray E Horton Leon Bible, you are denying the simple and core Gospel that Jesus died to take our sins and give us new life when we receive Him by faith.  When Jesus said at His ascension, “teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you,” He was clearly referring to the love commandment, which encompasses all.  “This is My commandment: that you love one another, as I have loved you” (John 15:12). And it is He that empowers us to do that:  In Luke’s account of the ascension, Jesus said “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  They were to go out to all the world in the power of the Holy Spirit in the love of Christ and to teach others to do the same.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton SO… When Jesus said “teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you,”  he was mistaken to say that “all things” should have been observed? I guess you are saying Jesus made a mistake then in saying “all things.”  Do you know any other places Jesus made any more mistakes?
Ray E Horton What are you trying to prove, Leon.  Jesus made no mistakes. The “all things” Jesus refers to are the things that He revealed to us, not the teaching on the law to the Jews in His early ministry so that they would see they couldn’t keep it and turn to Him for salvation.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton No Ray. Jesus told his disciples to teach all things that He had commended them. That included the teaching on the fact that those who sin with their hands, feet and eyes go to Hell for those sins. (NOT rejecting Jesus in that instance) Now if you continue to refuse to believe simple Scripture you will never learn anything.
Ray E Horton You need to believe simple scripture in the context of Jesus’ overall teaching, and as expanded on in the Epistles.  Focusing on the law contradicts the revelation of grace.  Having been justified and put in right standing with God, our behavior isn’t motivated by keeping law, but our of love and appreciation for Jesus and His sacrifice.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton My friend – do you have any Scripture in the NT that would tell us that we are to disregard the teachigs of Jesus?
Ray E Horton That is obviously niot what I am saying.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton You said we are NOT to obey the command of Jesus to teach what he taught the disciples. So if that is the case as you say then do you have a NT Scripture that would give us justification for disregarding the teachings of Jesus?
Ray E Horton No, I did not.  Mark 9:43 was not written to us but to the Jews under the law to show them the grievousness of sin and how hell is the result without being redeemed, which Jesus was soon to make provision for.  His command to us was faith that works by love.  That is the clear message of the Gospel. Do you have scripture to show otherwise?
Leon Bible Ray E Horton So then it is OK according to YOU to offend with our hands (does this include strangling someone) and with our feet (does this include worldly dancing) and with our eyes (does this include pornography) WOW Ray I didn’t know Jesus ONLY disallowed those things for Israel only and the Church was free to commit all manor of sins with hands, feet and eyes!
Ray E Horton I think I’ll stop wasting my time in this discussion since you don’t listen and clearly don’t understand the Gospel.  It is grace, not law that keeps a believer from offending with their hands or any other wrong doing.  Without faith in His grace, we cannot be saved, nor can we live a good life.  Most of the points that I am making seem to be going right over your head.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton No problem Ray, If you don’t believe the words of Jesus then there may not be much room for discussion anyway.
Ray E Horton Especially not when you don’t use the eyes of the Holy Spirit to open up to you what He is saying by those words.  You seem to be looking at dead letter rather than Living Word.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton WOW – now you are calling the words of Jesus “dead letter!”  Ray my friend you are on dangerous ground.
Ray E Horton No, I am not calling it dead letter.  I’m saying you are reading it as such. God opens our eyes by the Holy Spirit, and one must be open to that.  Do you not see that reading scripture with human, fleshly intellect only is what is actually “dangerous ground,” and that God wants to reveal truth through the Living Word, read and studied in context of Jesus’ broad message?
Leon Bible Ray E Horton Let’s just cut to the chase! Are we to believe the words of Jesus that the offence of the hand can send one to Hell or not? Mark 9:43  And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched:
Ray E Horton For the unsaved, yes! For the saved, the punishment was already dealt with at the cross, and they will repent, turning back to Jesus and His ways.  If you don’t believe that, you don’t believe the Gospel.   Do you believe the wonderful Good News of what Jesus did on the cross for us?
Leon Bible Ray E Horton Of course I believe the good news of the Gospel of the cross. BUT I also believe that God is no respecter of persons. So based on what you said the cross of Christ does NOT cover the unsaved! For the unsaved are under Jesus words if you sin with your hands you go to Hell BUT for the saved they can sin all they want to with their hands and they DON’T go to Hell. Based on what you are saying it is a: “Forget the words of Jesus and sin all you want to religion” and it really just does not matter you still go to Heaven anyway. Sounds like God is going to have a lot of explaining to do on judgment day when He throws sinners into Hell for sinning with their hands… and then lets Christians off for doing the same thing, and then lets them go to Heaven! Boy your God is really messed up!
Ray E Horton Yes, God is no respecter of persons, but people are free to choose. Truth is, Christ died for all to be saved, but to experience salvation, Jesus’ redemption must be received by putting one’s trust in Him.It’s not a matter of letting Christians off.  Christians choose to receive His redemption.  And, if you are Born Again, or know people who are, then you know that Christians don’t make it a practice of “doing the same thing.” Grace isn’t license – as Paul said, “God forbid.” Rather, it is the motivation and power to overcome sin.
Leon Bible SO if a Christian who has received and accepts the forgiveness that the cross offers… if their hand does something offensive… they do NOT go to Hell for it… regardless of what Jesus said right?
Ray E Horton You are going in circles.  You know the answer.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton Yes you would say they do not! But that is based on your refusal to believe what Jesus said. You are on very dangerous ground there my friend.
Ray E Horton I believe everything that Jesus said, and I understand who He was speaking to.  The dangerous ground would be your confusing the context of Jesus’ teaching, and not believing in the grace of God.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton Oh I believe in grace but not hyper-grace such as taught by Prince, Creflo Dollar and Swaggart. Jesus said people go to Hell for committing sin. I believe that – you do not. Just as simple as that.
Ray E Horton Wrong again.  I believe people go to hell, but not those who are saved and keep their trust in Him.  If they sin, it’s because their minds are not yet sufficiently renewed to completely eliminate old habits and attitudes.  But, when they do fall, they are quick to repent and get back up and go on with the Lord.  The unsaved have not availed themselves of the means of salvation.
Leon Bible Ray E Horton But what if they do NOT repent and get back up? Do they go to Hell then or do they go to Heaven a non-repentant sinner?
Ray E Horton I do believe in the Lord’s keeping power, but He won’t go against our free will.  So, if a believer utterly rejects Him once and for all, without turning back, they would most likely go to hell.  The Lord knows their hearts.  I believe that would be very rare.  I believe that most who turn away because of discouragement, even desiring to continue in a sin pattern, do eventually repent.
Troy Day THEN why does James 4:17 say “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”? Obviously not just faith
Troy Day mhm
Dan Terry Troy Day Troy Day IT ISN’T TALKING ABOUT SALVATION it is talking about your walk with the LORD while you live on this earth
Troy Day what isnt talkng?
Dan Terry ames 4:17
Troy Day ?
Dan Terry Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”?
Dan Terry is it good to help people if you can and don’t do it ? if yes then it is sin to you
Troy Day So are you for eternal security? James says faith is dead without works
Scotty Searan How will a person know what is  right and what is wrong, if you only preach believing in Jesus?  Isn’t that easy believism?
Troy Day or Jesus only 🙂
Troy Day wasnt that JUST for when you stand before kings to speak or just anything ?
Scotty Searan Why did Jesus and Paul teach on what was right and wrong, if the Holy Ghost was going to teach you all things?
Dan Terry Scotty Searan LOL Jesus preached to the religious who knew but didn’t do Paul preached to people who didn’t know what SPIRIT they were of after receiving JESUS the HOLY SPIRIT was trying to teach them and after Paul told them they understood because there SPIRIT WAS QUICKENED
Scotty Searan But don’t we all fall into the categories these people are that we are witnessing to.
Ray E Horton Troy Day wrote: “James says faith is dead without works.”  What does that have to do with “eternal security.”  James is simply saying that faith isn’t real if there are not works following.  Good works are simply an overflow of our Born Again relationship with the Lord.
Troy Day Has to do everything. Just read a bit of Luther Calvin They wanted James out of cannon for this verse
Ray E Horton Troy Day They weren’t understanding what James was saying.  They presumed James was tying works to salvation, but in reality James was saying we receive salvation by faith alone, and good works are what follow once saved.
Troy Day I dont disagree with that


  • Reply June 2, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    NOW THIS IS the real deal Alan Smith Joe Absher Ricky Grimsley Will AMERICA listen?

  • Joe Absher
    Reply June 2, 2018

    Joe Absher

    It is amazing the longevity of this flawed structure we call America. Now to be fair where is the piece on God’s judgment of Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia? Darfur and Sudan? And the Congo? The evils of this world are not limited to this country neither is his reach short nor the judgment of God slack.
    When I think of the offenses men bring to God I often think of the words of Jesus Christ.
    Luke 13:3 KJV — I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  • Reply June 3, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    hey now America is all right with me

  • Joe Absher
    Reply June 3, 2018

    Joe Absher

    Congress should pass legislation for Government Accountability​ Office to audit the Federal Reserve.
    Personally I believe, If the world traded oil on anything but the U.S. dollar we would be ruined in 1 day. I’m sure there’s many scenario’s for destruction. Remember AID”s hasn’t gone away. Record numbers of teenagers with STD’s this year. Remember influenza after the first world war. Killed million’s. Look at the stupidity of Flint. The one thing the EPA is really responsible for water. Still no fix. California drought and fires. Floods and hurricanes last year. The number one cause of death for men under 50 last year was overdose? The men held up as heroes for our youth are on human growth hormones. And the woman of music and film are seducers and promote lust and fornication. How many of our young children are on psychotropic drugs? They’re saying now young boys are becoming sterile because of the plastics we use? Sugar 150 pounds per person each year? 6 Hours of media per child per day most of it is occult imagery? Who needs a judgment at this rate?

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    Varnel Watson


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