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Link Hudson [11/10/2015 3:01 PM]
A verse about God preserving animals doesn’t prove the ‘go to heaven.’ And a lot of more dispensationally minded folks think of the verse that is similar to, but not exactly the lion shall lie down with the lamb, is about the millineum.

John Kissinger [11/10/2015 3:03 PM]
there are horses in heaven

Link Hudson [11/10/2015 3:24 PM]
Angels look like (or appear) humans. That doesn’t mean they are dead people.

John Kissinger [11/10/2015 3:25 PM]
there are horses in heaven which the saints shall ride at the 2nd coming and we will ride according to Bronwsville and Peter A Vandever

Peter A Vandever [11/10/2015 3:27 PM]
The athemn on Brownsville 🙂

Peter A Vandever [11/10/2015 3:28 PM]

John Kissinger [11/10/2015 3:30 PM]
hey Link Hudson not only they jumped on that song in #brownsville but even did a little #GangnamStyle Dance with Peter in the lead Timothy Charles Alan

Peter A Vandever [11/10/2015 3:31 PM]

John Kissinger [11/10/2015 3:32 PM]

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