James H. Boyd First Armenian Pentecostal Church — Armenians who joined the Pryguny in Kars Oblast, migrated with them to California, used the book Dukh i zhizn’, lived and intermarried in the Los Angeles “Flats” ghetto, are buried in the Dukhizhiznik cemeteries, but now use the label Pentecostal. Now most are unknown or shunned by all Dukhizhnik congregations in California though located near most of the congregations in East Los Angeles County. Ironically, the Demos Shakarian clan, which split and founded the The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, is somewhat honored because they credited the Prygun prophet Klubnikin in their published history(24), yet are rejected for joining the “666” false faiths. Most welcome visitors, photography, and conversion. One congregation counted in 2007, La Habra Heights, California, USA. http://www.molokane.org/taxonomy/