Berlin declaration of 1909 (German: Berliner Erklärung)

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William DeArteaga |


Yesterday, as I was praying in thanksgiving about the publication of my latest work, Agnes Sanford and her Companions, and I had a distinct impression that this work has a special anointing to do a work of revival in Germany. I checked with a German pastor who is a FB friend and he concurred. Please join me in pray that this anointing be activated and increased. German is such a dry place spiritually and it is particularly resistant to Pentecostal and charismatic influences. As in much of Europe, Pentecostalism is equated with the extremes of the Word-Faith movement. Antipathy to Pentecostalism is partly a self-inflicted curse, dating back to the “Berlin Declaration” of 1904 in which German pastors denounced Pentecostalism. The Pentecost that Agnes Sanford and her companions in the CFO (Camps Furthest Out) experienced combined a Holy Spirit presence with traditional Christian piety, liturgies and traditions. This spirituality was empowered with the gifts of the Spirit, but lest exuberant than the traditional Pentecostalism in its outward manifestations. This makes it more attractive and understandable to the European and Germanic temperament. So again, pray with me that Agnes Sanford and Her Companions will do all that the Lord intends it to do In Europe and especially in Germany, and that any demonic opposition be dispersed.

John Kissinger [08/28/2015 8:42 AM]
The Berlin declaration of 1909 (German: Berliner Erklärung) was a theological statement by 56 leading Evangelical theologians in Germany. The declaration condemns the German Pentecostal movement which had started two years earlier in Kassel. It stated that the Pentecostal movement was “not from above, but from below”. The declaration was formally revoked by the Gnadauer Gemeinschaftsverbandes in a statement of January 2009

Vinson Synan [08/28/2015 9:51 AM]
William The Berlin declaration was in 1909. Vinson

William DeArteaga [08/28/2015 9:52 AM]
Thanks, I stand corrected.

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