From the Cross to the Sky Do not judge a…

From the Cross to the Sky Do not judge a…

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Noel Richard Dmello |


From the Cross to the Sky
Do not judge a book by it’s cover, so we are told.
And so the Prophets of the Old testament, some of them were judged. For example, when Jonah the Prophet requested the people to repent and change their lives else disaster would fall upon them; they put on sack cloth clothes and fasted and GOD had mercy upon them.
But then again, when the Israelites did not listen to the Prophets, even punishing and killing some of them, disaster arose and many were killed, some had to face prosecution and many big shots too became slaves of the King which was good because their lives were saved. Then when they repented of their corrupted ways, GOD had mercy on them and that is the Israel we have today. They were exiled for many years.
In the same way, there are Prophet’s of this century, the big and small Prophet’s.
You too may be a Prophet. If you can see Visions or say a healing prayer for somebody or even better heal the world; you are very much Alive in the Lord.
Our GOD is a live GOD. He is GOD of the living and the dead.
If any of you desire to see a Prophet, go for a retreat to Potta, Kerala. If you are fortunate, you will see large or rather tall man named Fr. Mathew Naikorombil who is one of the Prophets.
You see GOD never leaves us alone even if you are bad. We all are bad in one way or another but the Blessings come when you attempt to be good.
For example, a sermon given at a mass is that you cannot nail a bent or crooked nail to a wooden piece or the Cross of JESUS because it will not penetrate but you can strike in a straight nail into the Cross because GOD needs you to be perfect as possible.
A Prophet Will never be understood for the good he/ she does because the ways of the Lord are mysterious. That is why the Bible explains to you that even though you see, you do not really see the Truth and that is exactly what makes you Blind.
Reality is not just looking at things the way it is but reading between the lines
This Way, worldly Peace is maintained or retained. The Bible tells us that all of you irrespective of caste, creed, religion or colour is called to be a Child of GOD and the only demand from GOD is lose yourself from corruption, do not become a slave to sin, gamble in doing good even if the odds are against you or the nation’s leader’s interfere with you and the One Promise from GOD is I will always be with you.

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