“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”
– Proverbs 20:1

May God have mercy on us forgive us. So sad really. Jesus paid an awful price for our liberty and comfort and strength. I’m heartbroken. Brothers sleeping with women that ain’t there wife talking about “lust is such a hard problem” and ministers of Christ so-signing it. Talking about oh we had mighty move of God but there was no moral change at all. High feelings and maybe somebody got healed or got a little relief or a little blessing, but still loving the world drinking the devil’s cup. A devil for a deacon and pervert for a choir director. No conviction in pew and no backbone in the pulpit.
I don’t know if anybody used the pharmikia argument but drink changes you. The will is undermined. Conviction looses it morings. Sin gets easier and praying get harder. If want to be free you can be free. If you want victory over sin you can have it in Jesus name. If you will learn to draw your comfort and rest and sleep and peace from Christ you will have it in plenty. And there will light in the land Goshen and not the Bacardi bats.
Fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ and tell that old devil “get behind me satan, for it is written thou shalt worship the Lord the God and him only shalt thou serve.” I’m not serving booze or lust or worry or the opinions of men I’m serving God by faith in Jesus Christ.
We need to put P of purity and “cost” back in Pentecost. Buy of me gold tried in the fire Jesus said. or go back to your vomit and wallowing in the mire.
So sad people would rather argue the Bible than pray through to victory. God help us and have mercy on us.