The “higher criticism” of the 1880’s resulted in the great falling away from the faith. Within one generation from the seminaries questioning “yea, hath God said?” we had the infamous Scopes Trial, which brought evolution into public schools… and we also had the greatest rebellion ever seen against Biblical law and order.

It seems that every 40 years, the satanic agenda against our Creator goes through another cycle, and each one is more blatant and obnoxious.

First, the Roaring Twenties. Evolution, Flappers, and kicking off all sexual restraints.
Next, the Sixties. more rebellion. Embracing pagan religions and witchcraft. Drugs. Riots.
And 40 years later, we got the gay pride marches.
Now, we’re at a new low. gays want to make their cause a civil-rights issue, which defines anti-homosexuality a hate crime.

Where are we headed? To hell in a hand-basket.