Flying Too Low March

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Mark Biteler |


Flying Too Low March 28, 2015 _____________

Like you, I was saddened to hear of the tragedy of the downed aircraft in the Alps where all were lost. My prayers are for the families of those who were aboard the plane. And yet, there is a greater tragedy taking place.

Many pastors have locked the Holy Spirit out of the cock pit. They refuse to allow Him in, even though He continues to knock. The tragic thing about the situation is that you can’t operate a Church without the Holy Spirit in the pilot’s seat. Many believers in the Church are dying, suffering and/or miserable as a result. The lost will never come to Christ without the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. He is the ONLY soul-winner the Church has ever known. It is impossible for a Church or an individual to win a single soul without the Holy Spirit.

When a pastor chooses not to allow the Holy Spirit to operate the controls, both he and the sheep descend to dangerous levels, deceived that they are safe. This is the state of the Church in America and it comes down to leaders who refuse to open the door to let the Holy Spirit be who He is on His own plane.

It’s that serious. This is the message that the Lord has entrusted to the JRP. A great tragedy is unfolding before our eyes.

Mark Biteler

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