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David John Maxfield |


First bible review that I’ve done, based on the Holman full color study bible, if anyone is looking for a bible to purchase then check this out, its available in a few translations as well.

Jim Kingsnorth [09/16/2015 6:22 PM]
David, have you ever checked out the Fire Bible. Excellent bible.

David John Maxfield [09/16/2015 6:39 PM]
No I haven’t, but I love collecting bibles, hence why I started the videos, I’ll check it out 🙂 thanks Jim Kingsnorth

Jim Kingsnorth [09/16/2015 7:21 PM]
I collect bibles too. The fire bible is my favorite. The commentary and notes are fantastic. It was based on Jack Hayford’s Spirit Life Bible.

Jim Kingsnorth [09/16/2015 7:25 PM]
Great video David, do you have a youtube channel?

David John Maxfield [09/16/2015 7:28 PM]
That sounds pretty awesome, is the fire bible a particular translation? Like esv, nkjv, niv etc?? Or is it a new translation?

David John Maxfield [09/16/2015 7:29 PM]
Yeah i do have a channel, if you click the link my channel is the one that posted the video, I have other videos on my brother in laws channel as well 🙂

David John Maxfield [09/16/2015 7:29 PM]
I just started posted on my own

Jim Kingsnorth [09/16/2015 7:31 PM]
The one I have is NIV, not sure if they have other versions.

Jim Kingsnorth [09/16/2015 7:32 PM]
I have the global study edition

Jim Kingsnorth [09/16/2015 7:33 PM]

Jim Kingsnorth [09/16/2015 7:36 PM]
The commentary of course is from a Pentecostal point of view.

David John Maxfield [09/16/2015 7:37 PM]
I’ll check it out, thanks Bro

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