FAKE NEWS: We can thank Donald Trump

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Jim Price | PentecostalTheology.com


FAKE NEWS: We can thank Donald Trump for popularizing this term. It was a stroke of genius on his part. In doing so he has giving us permission to believe what we want to, anything that we read, see or hear that doesn’t fit our notion of being real we can discard. In fact he seems to point to the big news organizations ( those that have years of history and many fact checkers and editors with contacts throughout the country and around the world. ) as being guilty of delivering ” fake news. ”
That fits right in with Pentecostal history because we have a long history of selecting information from within Christendom and regarding anything that doesn’t match our mind set as being fake.
Last night Scott Pelley on the evening news said that; ” the president had made several statements that were divorced from reality on Tuesday. They were fictitious claims whether real or imagined.” This is the first time I have seen a major newsman call the president a liar in front of several million people. The heat is on and the president may well have tangled with the wrong people.


  • Reply February 7, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    I guess you don’t remember a senator doing that to the last president.

  • Reply February 7, 2017

    Nathan Glenn

    What examples would you give to support as false Pentecostals claims?

  • Reply February 8, 2017

    Jared Cheshire

    I have been using the term “fake news” for years. Journalism has been dead for decades. It has recently begun a resurrection, but it isn’t the major news agencies who are reporting news without an agenda besides truth. I’m not sure your analogy works based on that. The point you are making has a valid point of discussion, but looses credibility by deiefiying the media.

  • Reply February 8, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    Again Donald Trump did not popularize this term It was a thing long before him. Actually, there were multiple fake news cites connected with his campaign according to this Stanford University research https://web.stanford.edu/~gentzkow/research/fakenews.pdf

  • Reply February 8, 2017

    Jim Price

    The Stanford link put the blame of fake news on social media and not on professional news sources where there are many editorial readers before it is released.

  • Reply February 9, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    Jim, professional news sources today run mainly on social media. Welcome to the 21 century. We’ve been expecting you, brother – you and all the senior citizens who voted Trump in the white house mainly because of his Twitter account BUT not Stan Wayne and Joseph Kidwell

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