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Teaching Bishop Willie Dixon |


FAITH GIVE YOU ACCESS TO ALL THAT BELONG TO GOD.True faith really try everything that is in your heart and it separate the real servant of God from them that are Pretenders and unblieve.Most of the time people don’t understand what God is doing in their life, but before they can they must walk in unwavering faith.Having faith mean you trust God even when everything and everybody say that the situation is impossible.God make the impossible possible when you waver not at his promises.God reputation rest on his word,and when we line up with his word by faith what we ask of him shall come to past.Satan has no defense against real faith,only when your faith is not sound can Satan jerk you around with his tricks.The God kind of faith bring kingdom into existence, raise up nations and destory ever strong hold of the enemy.Faith will bring you into the present of God and unlock the mystery of God,faith will grant you all access to God and put the power of God at your fingertip.Faith will bring a people out of slavery in to a promise Land where it seen to be no away.In a world that only believe in what they can see or work for by their own strength or get by their own power, they put limitation on what God can and will do in their life.Sometime we tie up the hands of God by our unbelief especially when we doubt the power of God in our heart.In your darkest days where you can’t see no light that is when your faith will shine through and great light will appear and the knowledge of God will increase in your heart.It is very important to guard your faith and your spirit against all unbelieve that don’t trust in the word of God or don’t believe that he is God or that he even exist.People want have faith in God because they can’t see him but they will have faith in tomorrow and can see it.The carers of this world come to steal your faith that you can’t know the power of God in your life.Because at any time you trust God with your life through fatih everything that is of this world will fight against you to bring you subject under it power and it master which is Satan.The just shall live by faith in the only true and living God that sended his only begotten son in to this by faith to die that all men could have the right to salvation through him.

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