finally a good article James P Bowers William DeArteaga Jerome Herrick Weymouth Thank you Ray E Horton @Leonard J. Ransil for the hard work to produce it before SOTU

For starters I aint too sure if the article is IN support of Trump or not Such clarification would have helped the reader to figure out what follows At the same time the balance is well kept and rises several questions for discussion

1 passing the theological part on Paul we arrive @

Morality Not the Focus of Christianity but a By-Product

OK right there – are we voting for a moral pastor OR commander in chief WE can all agree Trump’s morality is beyond question at this point more than ever before even from when he was just a playboy son of a millionaire

2. Behavior Matters Since We Reap What We Sow which is another bullet point in the article has MANY negatives for Trump When you exclude the positives in his political behavior his personal behavior is again beyond questioning

3. Democrat Deceptive Ways is a great point But so are GOP’s Deceptive Ways and have always been Like Both Bush presidents starting war in order to win second term #justsaying

4. Taking On the Deep State Establishment is a HOAX Christians should not remain deceptive with but this just MHO

5. Two diametrically Opposed World Views have been Clashing is where I expected the heart of the matter for evangelicals The socialism point here could be much discussed and NO socialism did not start with Woodrow Wilson Well I will leave this one open for more discussion because the theology of SCARED evangelicals won sure and secure the election for Trump