Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel

Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel
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Russell Moore (B&H)

“Moore takes on the ‘almost-gospel,’ a form of cultural Christianity that has existed comfortably in America since its inception. With the cultural winds now changing, however, he commends Christians toward strangeness, toward living in joyful distinction from mainstream society. Onward pointedly challenges Christians to embrace the full gospel as pilgrims in a secularizing society.” —Chris Horst, vice president of development at HOPE International, co-author of Mission Drift

“Vigorously engaged and engaging, Onward explores what it means for believers to be both courageously orthodox and prophetically beautiful in our witness for Christ. When we are, says Moore, we rise to see ‘even our most passionate critics not as an argument to be vaporized but as a neighbor to be evangelized.’ This is meaty, challenging, exciting stuff—a perfect fit for our culturally divisive times.” —Patricia Raybon, co-author of Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, a Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace

“Moore provides a primer on how our commitments to Christ and his kingdom (as opposed to our political, social, and cultural agendas) should shape not only how we live our lives, but also what our lives should say to a watching, listening world. Combining the beauty of what he calls the ‘true gospel’ with a biblical orthodoxy that will inescapably mark Christians as ‘strange,’ Moore holds forth on the charged issues defining the 21st century. His colorful style will occasionally take readers aback—but ultimately keep …


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    Varnel Watson

    its a thing done in the past Joe Absher which the church of the present cannot do for some reason For which the church in the present remains stuck in the past for not being able to do it

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    Varnel Watson

    Seven Cultural Characteristics of Growing Churches
    1. They are Passionately in love with Jesus.
    • Set the Example.
    1 Tim. 4:12 (NLT) – Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example
    to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.
    • Develop Self-Feeders.
    • Celebrate Changed lives.
    2. They create ministry around Peoples gifts.
    • We did away with the “Volunteerism ” mentality.
    • We have a Process where people can discover their gifts.
    • Make equipping people the Main function of the staff and leadership.
    3. They Empower people.
    • Encourage Creative thinking.
    • Allow them to Challenge the process.
    • Create an atmosphere of Encouragement.
    4. They focus on Systems that work.
    • Clarify a Measurable win.
    • Measure your effectiveness.
    • Get Better by tweaking systems with growth
    5. They Have Fun
    • More Laughter/food
    • Excellence
    • Generosity
    6. They Love People.
    • Create a High touch environment.
    • Be involved in the in the life of the church.
    • Guard your Heart .
    7. They are more concerned with Reaching people than Keeping people.
    • Constantly remind the congregation of our purpose.
    • Train & resource every person in Evangelism.
    • Make every experience a Breathe of Fresh Air .
    • Life Giving Environments

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      Joe Absher

      Ok I’ll bite . whose actually doin’ it?

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