Dr. Melvin Harter on the Progress at Miracle Valley Bible College

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Friends, as many of you may know, Sister Harter & I were at Miracle Valley Bible College where our ministry owned it for nearly ten years. During our stay there, hundreds of thousands of dollars were put into the improvements of the property. Over $550k was put in just by our own ministry.
Most of the MV property will be going up for auction sometime in the near future. I believe God wants us to proceed in acquiring it. Since we purchased the property in 1999, we have continued to own the MV Cemetery, as well as another 15-acre MV parcel. MHM also owns a 3,000 sq ft structure that houses items from Miracle Valley. All of the property mentioned is debt-free, nothing is owed.
Friends, I am creating an up-to-date email list for our newsletters. I would like to invite our Facebook Friends to join our special email list. I have over 3,000 friends on Facebook, and I believe you would thoroughly enjoy the newsletters. You will learn what is happening in our ministry and stay up-to-date on Miracle Valley. You will read of miracles and healings and learn much regarding the Life & Ministry of Rev. A. A. Allen. To my Church of God friends, you will discover that Rev. Allen was more or less Church of God in his doctrine than he was Assemblies of God, particularly in the Doctrine of Entire Sanctification.
I need you to send me your name and email address; I would love for you to receive our special newsletter via email, absolutely free and no charge whatsoever. We will not share your email address with anyone. We will be offering several specials things that I know you would really enjoy. You can PM (Private Message) me or use MESSENGER to send your email address. I know this, you will be truly blessed.
May God richly bless you is our prayer. – Dr. Melvin Harter
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Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary – a school that is designed solely to train and equip Pentecostal ministers to be effective on the field for God.

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MVBC&S main objective is to “train Christian workers in effectively taking the Gospel to the world and bringing the lost to Jesus Christ.”

If you have a genuine call of God upon your life and desire to prepare yourself in order to become effective in the work of God, then Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary may very well be the place for you.

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Telephone (520) 255-5960

Dr. Melvin E. Harter, President

Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary is located in southeast Arizona where the climate is mild throughout the year and is conducive to study and preparation for ministry.

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