Does "God said" in Genesis 1:1-3 describe a Fiat Creation? [closed]

Does the creating "spoken word" of Jesus confirm fiat creation of Genessis?

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It seems at a cursory reading that God spoke things into existence immediately by simply expressing an imperative sentence, with immediate results. There is no hint, it seems, for billions of years to accomplish these acts. Is this a valid inference?

Does the conduct of Jesus years later give any insight to this answer when he did creative miracles as recorded in the N.T.?

  • Receive your sight
  • Lazarus, rise up!
  • Pick up your bed, and walk
  • Peace, be still
  • Leper, be thou clean

It seems these were all instantaneous miracles requiring the formation of new organs, tissue, cells, tendons, etc., where there was none. And the writer John wrote that this same Jesus was the one who created the universe (John 1:1-3).

To aid in answering this, it could be noted that the astronomer, Hugh Ross, declared that modern science has determined that the Creation of matter took just 1/100 of a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second! Does this have any bearing on interpreting Genesis 1?


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    fiat is not just an Italian car Philip Williams Brett Dobbs Link Hudson

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    Sometimes a sunset is just as sunset and God’s time is His time and not ours.

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