Discussing the Trinity

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Henry Volk | PentecostalTheology.com


Even though we have already discussed the Trinity, I suggest everyone read the following article on Modalism, Tritheism, and Trinitarianism. It was written by Ron Kangas who is a follower of Witness Lee. Lee was accused of Modalism on more than one occasions. Since his passing, his followers have been trying to explicate his Trinitarian theology. This article does an excellent example of explaining and contrasting each position.

Christopher Hart [09/22/2015 5:30 AM]
I’ve only made it 2/3 of the way through so far, but find it an enjoyable and informative read.

Christopher Hart [09/22/2015 7:57 AM]
The last third seems novel and a hard reach in some respects. Interesting nonetheless.

John Kissinger [09/22/2015 12:26 PM]
probbaly b/c first two are familiar and last is a NEW revelation

Nick Tavani [09/22/2015 1:33 PM]
An excellent article. I agree with the author’s conclusion that “we should rest in God’s” revelation. This does not mean, I hope, that we cannot, in addition, mine the depths of Triune Godhead for its manifold riches such as great men of God through the ages have mined with great success.

Henry Volk [09/22/2015 2:21 PM]
The problem is, Lee’s followers now have to reconcile his Modalistic statements with historic Trinitarianism. Like I said, the author is trying trying to explicate and extricate Lee’s theology. Lee was very Romephobic. So, there were times he came up with some real novel ideas to distance himself from what he consider to be “Roman Catholic.” However, the author’s evaluation of Modalism and Tritheism is spot on.

Charles Page [09/22/2015 2:50 PM]
Romephobia and homophobia are similar in nature!

Nick Tavani [09/22/2015 2:52 PM]
My Italian Pentecostal immigrant grandparents’ church would set up the pulpit and altar in the back of to avoid looking Roman Catholic.

Charles Page [09/22/2015 3:00 PM]
I discovered in Palermo about how anti-Catholic the CoG was! they despised anything closely related to RC!

Charles Page [09/22/2015 3:04 PM]
Witness Lee was a regenerate child of God in spite of his fraudulent beliefs.

Link Hudson [09/22/2015 5:26 PM]
Charles Page, so do you not believe the last part of the Athanasian Creed?

Charles Page [09/22/2015 6:47 PM]
no, there are several problems in the creed that I am not certain about.

There is no connection of our believing anything that has to do with who the Holy Spirit regenerates.

John Kissinger [09/22/2015 11:03 PM]
The author(s) of this article is greatly confused on the doctrine of Trinity and I am ready to argue against his view(s) if there’s interest. Here’s a greatly contradicting example: therefore, God cannot have a body. (This doesn’t mean that one of the persons of the Trinity could not take on, or add, a human nature that includes a material body, as is the case with Jesus who now has two natures: divine and human.) http://www.equip.org/article/dakes-dangerous-doctrine/

John Kissinger [09/23/2015 9:05 AM]
Volk are you saying author’s 3rd position “revelatory” is the best one of these cases?

Henry Volk [09/23/2015 11:05 AM]
No, Lee’s triadology was aberrant. However, I thought the first sections were good expositions.

John Kissinger [09/24/2015 11:47 PM]
1st 2 were repetitions of known positions – 3rd one seemed a bit problematic Christopher Hart

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 12:00 AM]
Claiming it to be “pure revelatory” seemed to be the problem

John Kissinger [09/25/2015 12:18 AM]
WATCH OUT any time there’s a NEW revelation about the #TRINITY

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