Depart from me, worker of lawlessness

Depart from me, worker of lawlessness

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Tom Steele |


This is a very powerful statement. Perhaps the only thing that could be worse than hearing the dreadful words, “Depart from me, worker of lawlessness, I never knew you,” at the judgment is the hear the screams of others bound in chains and being escorted away from the judgment seat shouting to you, “Preacher, you lied to me.” You better be careful if you choose to preach a Gospel and a Grace that voids out any part of the Word of God.

The Bible does not and cannot contradict itself. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changes and neither does His Word.

My friends, we should not all try to become teachers. In fact, teachers will be judged more strictly than others. ~James 3:1 (CEV)


Joseph Mcmahan [10/02/2015 9:07 PM]

Link Hudson [10/03/2015 4:25 PM]
Good quote.

Link Hudson [10/03/2015 4:25 PM]
I wouldn’t want someone to say to me, “We heard you preach, but you heaped a bunch of condemnation on us for things that weren’t sins for us to do, and taught us that we could be righteous if we were good enough” either.

Tom Steele [10/03/2015 8:43 PM]
Let’s examine that point a moment:

The person who says “We heard you preach, but you heaped a bunch of condemnation on us for things that weren’t sins for us to do, and taught us that we could be righteous if we were good enough” is STILL going to be in heaven, that’s a 100% guarantee based on the Bible. God would never send someone to an eternal hell for obeying His Word, even if they did not actually have to obey the Word. So, while it is possible that a person could be so angry that they wasted their time on a bunch of useless rules, it’s more likely that they will be so overjoyed that they made it that they won’t even be thinking about all that anyway.

Then there’s the person who says, “We heard you preach, but you lied to us by telling us not to obey God’s Word. Why did you tell us those things weren’t necessary for us today?” Should it be that the rules you so adamantly want to discount as obsolete are indeed still required today then the person who is misled in this scenario may very well be told those fateful words, “Depart from me, worker of LAWLESSNESS, I never knew you.”

You are like so many who are tainted by the Calvinist mindset in the Church today, wanting so hard to believe that God would not “burden” you with rules and regulation, yet failing to realize that everywhere He gave rules He said you will be blessed through obedience and cursed for rebellion. God’s Laws are not burdensome, they are liberating and bring freedom. In the same way that you don’t go to prison for obeying the laws of the land, you don’t live under the curse when you obey the Laws of the Kingdom.

I know that you have issues with a previous post I made, I invite you to read through my blogs on the subject. You will see that what I teach is far from legalistic Judaizing. I have shown that the dietary, health, hygienic and agricultural laws laid out in the Old Testament Torah are God’s manual for divine health and are his blueprint for the balance of all bilogical living systems in every environment on the Earth. This is not ceremonies and religious regulations, it is scienctific, medical, biological, and the eternal standard of the creation as God made it from the first day of creation. I will assure you that you will gain a new perspective on these things if you take the time to read what I have written and shared on Facebook to this point. OR, you can write me off as some type of legalistic extremist and never have a chance at growing in God and learning something you may never have seen before. Choice is yours bro, you willing to accept the challenge?

You can go to my ministry page, “Truth Ignited,” (just click the name on any of my Original Posts), or you should be able to get to the blog archives direct right here:

Link Hudson [10/03/2015 8:54 PM]
Tom Steele, If those people trusted in their own righteousness for salvation, do you think they will be saved? How will that erase their past sins? And who actually keeps the law?

Teri Shenk [10/05/2015 5:03 AM]

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