Demonic dimension of the trans-gendered movement

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Charles Page [10/29/2015 5:17 PM]
I’m seeing someone with an unavailable attachment just right above the neck!

John Kissinger [10/30/2015 7:41 AM]
upcoming article on “demonic dimension of the trans-gendered movement” by William DeArteaga

John Kissinger [10/30/2015 8:57 AM]
Is HEISER the source of Jesus and YHWH [i.e. second YHWH, Jeiwsh Trinity, etc.] being the same being? and demons (evil spirits) coming from the the Nephilims or is he just summing them up here? Rick Wadholm

Henry Volk [10/30/2015 9:38 AM]
I would say it’s his own research, but that the ideas aren’t particularly unique to himself.

John Kissinger [10/30/2015 9:50 AM]
This may be more of a 2nd temple writings than original “God, Jesus, and Judaism: An Old Testament Bridge to Faith”

John Kissinger [10/30/2015 1:39 PM]

The Second Yahweh

John Kissinger [10/30/2015 8:46 PM]


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