Creflo Dollar Gets Jet After All

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Creflo Dollar Will Get a $70 Million Jet After All

Tony Esteves [06/06/2015 7:24 PM]
You can always identify a wolf by their diet… they feed of the sheep!

John Kissinger [06/07/2015 7:18 AM]
There’s that and then there’s the demand of the job. Don’t condone it, but at the same time don’t see any of us walking to church today

Jeff Duncan [06/07/2015 6:55 PM]
Scum bag

Elizabeth Stevens-Williams [06/07/2015 7:06 PM]

Jeff Duncan [06/07/2015 7:16 PM]
Why does he need a 70million jet why can’t the church help ppl on that money instead of money greeted preachers wake up ppl look at Waco Jim Jones repent repent leave this false church and preacher while u still here wake up please wake up the Lord is coming back he’s not worried about a jet like these greeded preachers are he wants you to live for him not the tv preachers

Tony Esteves [06/07/2015 9:25 PM]
or flying!

John Ruffle [06/08/2015 1:13 AM]
God help us! This is so damaging to the message of Christ. I’m saddened, not angry. Has he thought of cutting back on his 300 annual meetings? What about al the missed preaching opportunities in coach? What about WHO donated for this extravagance? Get a grip. This is heretical.

John Ruffle [06/08/2015 7:30 AM]
So now we have ‘ministry corporations’. God help us!

Tony Esteves [06/08/2015 2:38 PM]
It just amazes me how gullible people are… Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. was born as Michael Smith in 1962 at College Park, Georgia. He changed his name to Dollar to match the gospel of greed that he so loves to preach.

John Ruffle [06/08/2015 2:39 PM]
Tony Esteves, my goodnes!!!!!!!!!

Tony Esteves [06/08/2015 2:51 PM]
Yes, John there’s nothing good about Dollar… we are admonished to: “But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good” 1 Thessalonians 5:21 NASB It troubles me today that blab it and grab it has replaced the gospel of Jesus Christ.

John Ruffle [06/08/2015 2:54 PM]
You are helping restore my faith in penticistalism my brother.

Pentecostal Theology [06/08/2015 6:59 PM]
By law, any 501(c)3 is a corporation, isn’t it?

Tony Esteves [06/08/2015 7:23 PM]

Bro Dowell [06/30/2015 7:17 PM]

Grover Katzmarek Sr [07/06/2015 5:02 PM]
Another false teacher

Grover Katzmarek Sr [07/06/2015 5:05 PM]
70 million. How many of the children in our country’s would that feed.

How much housing would that go to house the homeless.

Does anyone really believe any of the apostles would do this

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