Creating a Christian Ministry Agency

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Timothy Carter |


As part of my ministry and my dissertation project:

What do you think of creating a Christian Ministry Agency for PTS students and alumni?

Christian Ministry Agency or employment services agencies, provide employers with skilled workers for work assignments to supplement their staff with quality ministry skilled personnel. Employers may need these workers for days, weeks or even on a permanent basis.

I would make sure the Christian Ministry Agency pays the workers throughout the term of the temporary assignment and charge fees to the employer based on a number of factors.

Please give me your input.

Cliff Spence [01/15/2016 12:24 AM]
I understand your idea, and it may have some merit. However, ministers for hire may have some high hurdles to get over.

John Ruffle [01/15/2016 12:36 AM]
Who are the target employers? What is the unique selling point?

Timothy Carter [01/15/2016 12:39 AM]
My current school if Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTS). Many of our students are currently in full time ministry. Also many of our alumni are in full time ministry. We have both current students and alumni who are unable to find employment with their degree. I want to help connect the full-time alumni and students with the unemployed of our student body and alumni.

John Ruffle [01/15/2016 12:39 AM]
Oh…. you are talking about hiring out “ministers” to church groups and para-church etc.? Well – it could have merit.

Timothy Carter [01/15/2016 12:40 AM]
Yes thanks. Do you have any insight or recommendation towards this idea?

John Ruffle [01/15/2016 12:42 AM]
When you say “unable to gain employment” do you mean ministry appointments? How typical is it for theological graduates in USA to be willing to drive busses, wirk in McDonalds, or take up janitorial or security work?

Timothy Carter [01/15/2016 12:58 AM]
” unable to find employment with their degree.”

Please note ” with their degree”

Seminary graduates do work in the secular field such as McDonalds. My concern is helping graduates to fulfill their goal of employment.

The average graduate with a Master of Divinity intends to be in full time ministry or at least part time ministry as a by vocational Minister.

When our graduates are unable to use their education in their career it is not a positive reflection on our school. When our graduates have spent all of these years preparing themselves, studying to show themselves approved as a workman and to God, yet are unable to find a ministry appointment. This leaves them and their families suffering not only financially but with disappointment with their preparation their faith and sometimes even in God.

Yes there are those who desire to work full time in the secular market. I am by no means discrediting this desire. I’m interested in helping those who want to find equality ministerul appointment that they have been trained and educated for.

Jimmy Humphrey [01/15/2016 5:24 AM]
They already have something like this:,, etc…

John Kissinger [01/15/2016 6:51 AM]
Timothy Carter have you considered the practicality of such operation?

Timothy Carter [01/15/2016 2:02 PM]
Jimmy Humphrey yes there are Christian agency out there which help people find jobs.

I want my program to be specific to my alma mater. My program will only serve to enhance and aid in the ministry of Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

John Kissinger [01/15/2016 2:16 PM]
one of our cohort’s dissertations was about missionary advocate agency but I dont think it went too far – a good reference though

Timothy Carter [01/16/2016 12:00 AM]
Please tell me the name of the project and the name of the person

Kenneth Gentles [01/16/2016 1:19 AM]
You will have to first push for corrective measures at the seminary. It seems the seminary is unable to absorb its trainees. The seminary is not training according to needs. The programs may have to redesigned, making them secularly and denominationally markettable. Looking on, the whole church of God distribution of its human resources needs a reshaping. For example, every degree student should be able to find some sort of employment in the department of Missions: Researchers, interpreters, projects’ specialists, aothors, teachers, Ditectors of institutions, missionaries, pastors on overseas assignments, Specialist church planters, bi_ vocationalist instructors, Theologians, Bilingualists, technology specialists, musicologists, linguists, among others.
The times call for diversification. The agency may have a place, since the seminary banks on enrollment and graduation.

Timothy Carter [01/16/2016 2:22 AM]
Thanks Kenneth Gentles

I am working on trying to find find a way to enhance the overall impact of Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

Please see the Facebook page : Pentecostal Theological Seminary (Friends Discussing Improving PTS)

I want to help our current student body to connect with our alumni. This could help bridge communication and enhance mentorship.

I am also listening to the alumni to hear their perspective of how their degree has prepared them for their career. Also listening to find out where the seminary needs to enhance their program to meet the needs that are in the field today.

Please brother continue providing valuable insight.

John Kissinger [01/16/2016 5:50 AM]
Timothy Carter I dont know the name but it should be in the library archive with all 2005 doctoral projects and it was related to mission advocacy. I do not know if it ever picked up officially as a practical application

Jon Ruthven [01/16/2016 12:02 PM]
I would encourage you to read the last section of *What’s Wrong with Protestant Theology: Tradition vs Biblical Emphasis*. This is an analysis of seminary education, and how, in its present form, is missing the mark that Jesus established.

Timothy Carter [01/16/2016 1:06 PM]
Thanks Jon Ruthven. This sounds like a great resource. Do you have any more suggestions?

John Kissinger [01/16/2016 2:53 PM] ???

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