Conversations with the ones you lead

Conversations with the ones you lead

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When was the last time you had to have a hard conversation with someone you were leading? I’m not talking about, “Your favorite sports team isn’t as good as my favorite sports team.” I’m talking about, “You’re not performing up to the standard I need you to, and if you can’t get it together, there will be consequences.”

I get what it’s like to be busy and to realize you need to have what I call an Aligning Conversation with someone because of their behavior, performance, or lack of alignment. I’m an Executive Pastor and a leadership coach. It can feel overwhelming. And for so many of us, we have some baggage around it and it keeps us from doing it well.

I’d love to know: has there been a time in your leadership journey, especially recently, that you should have had an aligning conversation but didn’t? If so, why didn’t you do it?

I’d love it if you’d shoot me a reply back and let me know why you didn’t.  Thanks!

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