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“They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera”
– Judges 5:20

You know bad weather never stopped the dope man or the thief, the addict, or the girl selling her body on the street. Rain and hail never stopped the police or the fireman or the emergency crews or death and hell. Death and Hell they don’t stop. they come right on.
The wind and cold never stops the merchants they still sell their wares on every corner. The waitress recites her menu and calls out all the pies. The bus boy stacks his plates and carefully counts his change. The diners lick their lips and pair their wine. And the world keeps moving it never bats an eye.
The devil’s basket is full. His pickers not a few. The house of God has baskets but they’re sitting in the pew. The fruit has fallen and lies upon the ground. The child of God is resting and never heard a sound.
And the enemy keeps marching. But the soldiers of Christ are in their barracks. Their weapons neatly put away. They sleep and dream of days gone by and honor but have none.
Maybe one of them will stir this night and hear that silent call…
Awake my friend and to the battle men,
Your Saviour goes before you one and all

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