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My daughter called. My grandson broke his new glasses. Second week of school. I was volunteering in a rehab for 5 weeks. I had no money. I was working day labor for the ministry, not for myself. I told her “honey I’ll get the money somehow. I got you baby. God will provide. God will make a way somehow.
When we hung up I prayed, “God here I am trying to do your will. I believe you sent me here to do gospel work. And I don’t even have money to provide for my own child. I can accept it but Lord I trust you to help me out on this one.”
The next day my daughter called, daddy some body put $1,000 dollars in my account. I don’t know where it came from. Daddy you don’t have to worry about the glasses.”
I hung up I was crying. I was walking some side walk somewhere looking for souls. I got on my face. I laid down face first on the concrete. That was holy…

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