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“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”
– John 3:3

You are born again by the spirit of God or you’re not. There is no almost saved in the Bible. There is no I’m trying to be a better person.You’re saved and redeemed and rejoicing in Christ your Saviour or you’re not.
You’re ready to stand before God and give an account trusting the blood of Jesus Christ or you’re not.
When a man comes to Jesus Christ he’s genuinely sorry for his wrongdoing and sin. He owns it. He puts his faith and trust in Jesus Christ. The cross. The shed blood the broken body. God in his mercy hears and saves and gives that man a miracle. It’s called the new birth. The spirit that was dead in sin comes alive to God by faith in Jesus Christ.
Not every time. There is such a thing as a false conversions. I’m sure of it. A man comes under duress. Makes a halfhearted vow. Or promises to do better. He believes in Christ but there’s no breaking of the will and pride. No real remorse. He’s sorry maybe for messing up his life or hurting the people he loves but the conviction and repentance never takes root and faith fails to take ahold of his soul.
And there are tares. They look like Christians. They talk like christians. But tares come to church to be seen. For political reasons, or financial reasons or for family, to keep up appearances. They may give to the church and contribute to the building fund. Herod did that. Then he murdered John the Baptist over a girl. And then there’s the ones that come to church for “hook ups” these would be more property called wolves.
But the man that humbles himself and cries out to God for mercy, turning from every sin and surrendering to do God’s will has assurance. The burden of guilt and shame is rolled away. The curse and bondage of sin is broken. There’s peace and rest and rejoicing in Christ the Saviour. Its truly a miracle. A new heart. A new creation. Hes passed from death to life. From darkness to light. There’s love and joy. The dread and doom and fear of damnation is buried. The new man is raised in Righteousness and true holiness.
I pray you make your peace with God. Turn from every sin. And trust in Jesus Christ. Jesus saves! Jesus reaches down into a man’s heart and takes that sin and hell and pride. He redeems the meanest of men. Jesus will never fail you. Blessed are all they that put their faith and trust in him.

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