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He that believeth not shall be damned

It’s to bad so many great movements get derailed
From what I gather first it’s teaching on sanctification that prepares the church for revival then revival then teaching sustains the revival. But there’s usually some spark or catalyst that precipitates a revival in the broader community.
“When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with l laughter and our tongue with singing”- first verse Psalm 126 If you’ve met Jesus in the forgiveness of sins this makes sense. If you are still struggling just know this is what God wants for YOU. The struggle to be free from sin is a Holy one. For me it is most holy. To see a man wrestling with God yearning to be free from that evil thing with its iron grip and to find faith in Christ and rest and trust in him. Keep your fancy buildings give me a man desperate to find God wrestling with a burden of guilt and shame this is the Holy place with God. Keep your candles and bells give me snot and tears and anguish of soul. And I’ll show you what God can do. God will build a temple right there in that man. He will live there in that heart and sanctify that soul Holy unto him.

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