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You know you’re home. In the neighborhood when you get that sweet ganja smell. It comes from every corner seems like these days. I walked probably 5 miles a few conversations for Christ nothing to speak of really. One guy was willing to throw away his liquor if I put him in a room but the mission was only a few blocks away. A can of beer and a pint of vodka. Welcome to my world. Something tried to tell me street preaching is only a drop in the bucket. It’s pointless. But I was reminded the nation’s are a drop in the bucket with the Almighty. He has just weights and measures so I’ll leave the portion in his hands. A two cop night. That’s funny right there. You know you can preach with great joy and charity and passion for Jesus Christ and good humor and they’re still going to call the cops. So they came. Two suburbans and flashing lights. But they couldn’t touch me. God gave me the perfect spot. The night I left my phone at home. That’s funny right there. Maybe another time. I tried to take some video last night it almost got me killed. That’s twice in one week I was scared for my life. Never thought fear would be a friend but it turns out God can use it to test and temper a man. So the preaching is getting better and the obedience cleaner and maybe the light a little brighter. The march continues. It’s going to be a great summer for the gospel. maybe Jesus won’t have to break any furniture in the house of God after all. Just the pulpit. Splinters and chunks!!! That’s funny right there.

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