Concerning that day and hour no one knows

Alan N Carla Smith |

Matt 24:36 (MEV) “Concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.”

We don’t know the hour nor the day, but it doesn’t say we don’t know the year of the Lord’s coming. (IF we can agree on that) let me ask…

Do you believe that the Savior is coming back OR could come back before this day in 2016?

Alan N Carla Smith [12/14/2015 4:46 PM]
Johnathan Edwards wrote that the Anti-Christ would appear in 2016.

John Conger [12/14/2015 5:40 PM]
Johnathan Edwards also came to the the conclusion that calvanism was true, so there you go : ) p.s. before anyone gets the wrong ideas i LOVE johnathan Edwards….unless we’re talking about the guy who talks to dead people….not so crazy about him.

Charismatic Theology [12/15/2015 6:30 AM]
Ricky Grimsley may be right after all: JESUS CHRIST IS COMING in September or October 2015 NOT

John Kissinger [12/16/2015 7:32 AM]
and oh what a blessed hope to be granted participation in the resurrection from the dead

John Kissinger [12/17/2015 7:23 AM]
Alan N Carla Smith was it not 2012? Jonathan Edwards, the great Calvinist and false prophet, predicted 3 things will occur in 2012:

1) False Prophet will be revealed
2) the Antichrist will be revealed
3) Papacy will be destroyed

John Kissinger [12/17/2015 7:23 AM]
correction: Jonathan Edwards wrote in his letters, which are preserved in universities, that he believed the Antichrist would appear between the years 2012 and 2016.

Alan N Carla Smith [12/17/2015 12:21 PM]
correct with 2012-2016 John Kissinger

Charismatic Theology [12/17/2015 12:36 PM]
now if Henry Volk can confirm it’s from Edwards for Jimmy

Charismatic Theology [12/17/2015 12:39 PM]
your theology of expectation and eminent return of Christ or other part?

Charismatic Theology [12/17/2015 12:41 PM]
Jimmy Humphrey I think we are already pass that and talking about Edwards but good point there Alan N Carla Smith

Charismatic Theology [12/17/2015 12:43 PM]
good you noticed b/c Charles Page is all for 4 blood moons today

Alan N Carla Smith [12/17/2015 12:43 PM]
oh really?!? is HE (CP) having a bad day?

Charismatic Theology [12/17/2015 12:44 PM]
either that or 1-way ticket to the mo-o-oo-on

Alan N Carla Smith [12/17/2015 12:44 PM]
DO we all need to pull up his FB profile and pour EVOO (Extra virgin Olive Oil) on our screens in hope that osmosis would penetrate through the internet?

Henry Volk [12/17/2015 12:47 PM]
What are we talking about? Lol

Charles Page [12/17/2015 1:25 PM]
He’s coming back in 2016 not sure which day or month!!!

Charismatic Theology [12/17/2015 1:39 PM]
when the olive tree is ready? Alan N Carla Smith Jimmy


  • Reply July 11, 2016

    Ricky Grimsley

    If we relate it to the first coming… many people knew he was coming compared to how many knew when he came? Very few even understood while he was there explaining it to them?#michaelheiser

  • Reply August 31, 2016

    Jon Ray

    Ricky Grimsley Johnathan Edwards wrote that the Anti-Christ would appear. Knowing the times prepares us for the end and eternity. Disregarding a last day physical AntiChrist gives the church a false comfort and security which most obviously this world cannot offer

  • Reply August 31, 2016

    Ricky Grimsley

    Well i agree with that but most pretibbers would say “who cares we wont be here.” What if there is a 100 year gap between the rapture and the tribulation?

  • Reply August 31, 2016

    Jon Ray

    Just 7. It’s a classic #LEFTBEHIND scenario with Charles

  • Reply September 1, 2016

    Louise Cummings

    It says no man knows the day or the hour. Only the Father only. But it says we know the times and seasons. When you see things began to happen you know it’s nigh, even at the door. If He at the door He’s ready to come in. I would think. I wouldn’t wait at a door long until I came in , or I would go away. Means if we are not watching , listening. He may not take you with Him. I believe that’s talking about the Rapture of the Church. Where he comes as a thief in the night. If you are not ready when the thief comes. Her break I and steal our goods. But if you are watching for the thief. He can’t get in. Jesus said be watching. For in an hour as you think not the Son Of Man cometh. He said He wasComing for those that look for Him and Love His Appearing.

  • Reply September 1, 2016

    Louise Cummings

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t be hard to know about when he’s coming for the tribulations will last seven years. After the seven years. The Bible Behold they looked and seen the sign of The Son Of Man in Heaven. And Behold He comes with thousands or maybe 10 of thousands of His saints. Coming to earth on white horses. I think that’s in Jude. Just one book. But it was Enoch the seventh man from Adam. He never died because he was translated or raptured up. The only two that didn’t die was Enoch and Elijah.

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