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Talked to friend of mine yesterday. Christian. Loves God. Professional person. White collar, no tie. Raises his children in Christ.
So I mention to him a guy I’ve been working with. Former hard life. Prison, drugs etc. He’s been struggling so yesterday I asked if he wanted to pray together after Bible study. He said, “yes of course.” So we prayed a little while. Then I walked over and layed my hand on his shoulder and gently prayed some more. Not long 20 minutes maybe​. Asking God to strengthen him bless his life, cleanse him, deliver him, break every curse. After a while I open my eyes and his shirt is wet with tears. He got broken before God.
So I told my friend this. He said, “I’ve never seen anything like that.” He’s a real Christian man. Christian father. Christian husband. He’s Mr stable. Nice house, great job. Smart. capable. All things decent and in order but never experienced the very thing that for me defines Christianity.
Maybe you know someone that is struggling. Ask them if they want to pray. Don’t be a preachy prayer you know, secretly you want to tell them off, or give them all your great insight. No. Simply pray to God and ask God to help them in Jesus name. If it ain’t real love and concern for their soul forget it. Go back and get right yourself.

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