Christian School BLOCKED from Voucher Program for Anti-LGBT Beliefs

Christian School BLOCKED from Voucher  Program, Claiming Anti-LGBT Beliefs
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A private church-run elementary school has filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Maryland for pulling it from a school voucher program that’s designed to benefit low-income students. And the state didn’t stop there, demanding the school also pay back thousands of dollars for its previous participation in the program.

The Baltimore Sun reports Bethel Christian Academy, a private Christian school located in Savage, MD, says state officials unfairly threw it out of a school voucher program because of its religious beliefs.

State administrators responded saying the state can’t allow taxpayer money to go to any institution – religious or otherwise – that discriminates against students because of their sexual orientation.

But the school’s legal counsel, Christiana Holcomb from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), says, “Bethel Christian Academy has not—and will not—turn down a student based on their sexual orientation. Bethel simply asks grade-school students to refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct.”

Now a federal court will have to decide the case with broad implications for the voucher system, anti-discrimination laws, and the battle between those championing religious liberties and others hoping to strengthen the rights of LGBTQ students, according toThe Sun.

The religious liberty legal firm ADF is representing Bethel Christian Academy, saying the state is infringing on the school’s First Amendment rights by kicking it out of a program that pays tuition for low-income children to attend the school.

“The Supreme Court has been very clear that there is no place in our society for religious hostility,” Holcomb told The Sun. “That is the crux of the issue of this case.”

She said the state pushed Bethel out of the voucher program based “solely on the fact that Bethel has a particular religious belief around marriage.”

According to the newspaper, state officials denied the school vouchers to Bethel in 2018 after it read a portion of the school’s handbook which states it believes marriage can only be between a man and a woman and that God assigns a gender to a child at birth.

“Therefore, faculty, staff and student conduct is expected to align with this view,” the handbook states. “Faculty, staff, and students are required to identify with, dress in accordance with, and use the facilities associated with their biological gender.”

“The state has refused to play by its own rules,” Holcomb says. “While Bethel fully complied with the program’s requirements, Maryland let its hostility toward Bethel’s religious views, not the law, decide the school’s eligibility. Maryland’s families deserve better; that’s why we’re asking the court to address the state’s hostility.”

The case could have legal implications that could be heard in other parts of the country as well, according to legal experts.

“Right now there is a great deal of debate across the country about government funding to organizations that have a conservative religious position on LGBT issues,” Charles Haynes, vice president of the nonpartisan Freedom Forum Institute, told the newspaper.

According to Haynes, there are no clear legal answers to the questions that have been raised over religious freedom versus civil rights.

State officials would not comment on the case, according to The Sun.


  • Reply August 6, 2019

    Link Hudson

    So they are out of the voucher program for having a rule that kids can’t have sex? I was just reading the local county public school systems rules and children are not allowed to have sex or view or transmit porn. It’s against school rules. The handbook doesn’t specify anything about school hours or on school premises.

    In general those are good rules for high school students, but I think it’s overreaching in certain cases, since teens can get married at 16 with parents’ permission in Georgia and at 18 just like anyone else. Do they lose the right to go to school? What about 18-year-old seniors who marry legally? They aren’t allowed to have sex? In that case, the rule is immoral. If one can sue in tort law for lack of consortium, I wonder if a married 18-year-old could slap a lawsuit on a school for having a rule that deprived a spouse of consortium or else denied a student a right to an education.

  • Reply August 6, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    They are out for something in that regard – not clear

  • Reply August 15, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    Link Hudson ask your kids what eboys is

  • Reply August 16, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    witches were on the rise in schools nowadays too They were trained to intercept children from Christian families and to invite them trough a great manipulation to pride clubs and activities Through this type of witchcraft has been mainly in the Boston area its now on the rise in the South Joe Absher can give more info about the SF area though he may not know about the same going on via the 5G line that can penetrate human DNA and as for Isara Mo I know lots of people in Africa pray to the queen of the sea – same demon overall if you ask

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