Christian Persecution Has Never Been Worse

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Christian Persecution Has Never Been Worse

Roger Wilkinson [06/24/2015 6:05 PM]
Well I pray they have not been taught they will get raptured out of the persecutions and have been told God will see to it they will be overcomers, even to death!
Help them Lord and give them the strength needed to overcome and protect others from false doctrines that gives false hope!! Amen

Joseph Castillo [06/24/2015 6:27 PM]
True ask voice of the martyrs statics

John Kissinger [06/24/2015 8:01 PM]

John Kissinger [06/25/2015 7:38 AM]
This topic did NOT get as much attention as Barth but if you pls allow me a great quote by Ed Brewer “men are martyrs, not countries – war is not inherently evil – only if not for a just cause – Christ even instructed his disciples to arm themselves even if it cost them their coat…”


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