Is there at least one rich prophet in the BIBLE?

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Can you show at least one rich prophet in the Bible?


Pentecostal Theology [08/04/2015 6:58 AM]

Pentecostal Theology [08/04/2015 7:16 AM]
Joel Roman Daniel a foremost prophet. He was definitely wealthy at Babylon’s fall when they gave him gifts and promoted him. Rick Wadholm Jr Jeremiah was landed. John Kissinger Hosea married up… Alan N Carla Smith -> Charles Page Charles Page -> @thesoddyprophet

Charles Page [08/04/2015 9:10 AM]
soddy prophet > pantycostal > rich in women’s lingerie

Alan N Carla Smith [08/04/2015 9:54 PM]
ALL the biblical prophets were RICH in listening to GOD.

Alan N Carla Smith [08/04/2015 9:55 PM]
Guess we know where Soddy Daisy stands in Page’s book.

John Kissinger [08/05/2015 10:40 AM]
Charles Page > soddy prophet

Charles Page [08/05/2015 10:41 AM]
is that a compliment?

John Kissinger [08/05/2015 10:41 AM]
I dont know. Do you see it as one?

Charles Page [08/05/2015 10:42 AM]
of course!!!

John Kissinger [08/05/2015 10:43 AM]
well then it could be one as long as you dont sensor it 🙂

James L Alldredge [08/05/2015 10:52 AM]
The promise of the Old Covenant was prosperity , the promise of the New Covenant is eternal life. Which covenant are we preaching?

John Kissinger [08/05/2015 12:06 PM]
funny – just read sth. this morning about Word of Faith being about the new covenant only

Charles Page [08/05/2015 12:10 PM]
true to the nature of prophets, most are killed and no less true for the “soddy-prophet” I bet he had a message embedded that the church refused to hear. Pehaps he demonstrated his truth through prophetic absurdity.

John Kissinger [08/05/2015 12:11 PM]
I just received a “text” that I may have struck gold here. Charles Page are you INDEED the Soddy Daisy Prophet? #TellNOlie …

Alan N Carla Smith [08/05/2015 12:11 PM]
John Kissinger see ABOVE

John Kissinger [08/05/2015 12:15 PM]
Charles your ‘LIKE” speaks volumes. Would you dare come out (on Twitter as well)?

Charles Page [08/05/2015 12:34 PM]

Charles Page [08/05/2015 12:51 PM]
In Tennessee they teach believers how to handle snakes and how to speak in tongues in Alabama they teach believer how to dance in the spirit (under the influence)

Charles Page [08/05/2015 12:56 PM]

John Kissinger [08/05/2015 1:07 PM]
lookalike or an exact match ??? Alan N Carla Smith

Alan N Carla Smith [08/05/2015 4:03 PM]
one in the same. 😉 I called IT!

Alan N Carla Smith [08/05/2015 4:06 PM]
I bet it gets tiring monitoring ALL those different aliases ..via twitter. wonder WHO he posts as on that certain Board?!?

John Kissinger [08/05/2015 4:16 PM]
nevermind – found it

Pentecostal Theology [08/05/2015 6:08 PM]
Charles you’ve been penTalized 🙂

Brenda Smith [08/06/2015 6:19 PM]
King David was also called a prophet (Acts 2:30 KJV). He was quite wealthy.


  • Link Hudson
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Link Hudson


  • Joshua Remington
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Joshua Remington

    Moses maybe

  • Robert Erwine
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Robert Erwine

    Neither are technically prophets ( patriarch and lawgiver are those titles respectively and no one else can claim )

  • Thomas Henry Jr.
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Thomas Henry Jr.

    I think Moses is considered a prophet

  • Louise Cummings
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Louise Cummings


  • David Tripp
    Reply July 11, 2019

    David Tripp

    I do not think any Prophet was ever rich

  • Derrick Stokes
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Derrick Stokes

    Genesis 20:6-7 God called Abraham a prophet

  • Lyndsey Dunn
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Lyndsey Dunn


  • Lyndsey Dunn
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Lyndsey Dunn


  • Lyndsey Dunn
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Lyndsey Dunn


  • Lyndsey Dunn
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Lyndsey Dunn


  • Lyndsey Dunn
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Lyndsey Dunn


    • Michael D Wayne
      Reply July 11, 2019

      Michael D Wayne

      Lyndsey Dunn I like your style. I was thinking about those same men. I don’t see Deborah as poor either.

  • Michael D Wayne
    Reply July 11, 2019

    Michael D Wayne

    Daniel would have been. Also some Prophets, or leaders had wealthy benefactors. Nehemiah had control of great wealth. I don’t understand the fascination on some of these groups with who was rich and who was poor. I think we have to get off this distracting subject and walk in an Abundance character and mindset Jesus offers. The OT prophet life is not our and scripture says when we compare ourselves to others we are not wise. Also, who are we to judge another man’s servant. We have the Holy Spirit without measure. Hey Jesus illustrated abundance so many times. We need a revelation of what this abundance is that He offers. Then there is: John 10:10, Proverbs 10:4&22, 3John 2 Romans 3:12, Dt 8:18, DT 29:9, 1Kings 2:3Psalms 118:25, 122:6, Is 52:131 Cor2:9.

    Now I have been kicked out of another Pentecostal group for requiring scripture back up and calling people out for their lack of it.

  • David Singh
    Reply July 12, 2019

    David Singh

    Rich in what?

  • Reply July 13, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    rich in what have you

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